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The circuitry on my motherboard.
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Jan 2, 2008, 10:44:10 AM
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spawnhitman666's avatar
o yea man you reali are in a jam when going to work or watever
metalmeister5582's avatar
Everything flows. Everyhting moves at the speed of light. No jams. Just pure energy.
spawnhitman666's avatar
yup no jam's you just go right throo them the other cars that is ... you knou energi is not solid so you can practicaly faze throo or something like that or worse you could fuse witch would be prity weierd
metalmeister5582's avatar
Don't fuse to me, please. It'd feel funny.
spawnhitman666's avatar
don't wory . be happy :D
metalmeister5582's avatar
Wow, that is awesome!

Can I post it in my gallery and give you credit?
Post it how you want... you got half copyright law :D
hi, can I use your wonderfull photo to create wallpaper for one competition ?(at [link] - czech site)
metalmeister5582's avatar
Sure! As long as you give me credit for the original photo and show me your final piece! :D
aquarius-galuxy's avatar
I can imagine the tiny cars on that now. o-o And the little metal bits are minute electricity generators, and the bigger ones are houses or shops. =P
metalmeister5582's avatar
You see what I see, then! Awesome!
kaidenmoon's avatar
hey, where's capt. falcon? :laughing:
metalmeister5582's avatar
Captain in... F-Zero?
kaidenmoon's avatar
yes! no, i don't play that but he was on smash bros. i hated that freakin' place he was from...
metalmeister5582's avatar
I know not of Smash Bros.

I hardly remember the old SNES game...
kaidenmoon's avatar
smash bros. was a game for the n64 and the gamecube where basically you and your closest friends could use various nintendo characters to beat the living shit out of each other--it was ever so much fun! now they have a new one for the wii but alas, i don't have one :tears:
which really sux 'cause twilight princess link is in it...:drool:
metalmeister5582's avatar
Ohhh... I liked fighting games when I was like...15. And if it was gonna be a fighting game, I want blood, damnit!

I like the Wii. Twilight Princess is awesome. But I prefer computer.
MadCatMk254's avatar
Dude, when smash bros comes out for da wii ur gonna love it. It's not just a fighting game - it's the world. Till then, F-Zero keeps me busy! xD

Btw, drop that camera, scan the damn board ;], no, seriously!
metalmeister5582's avatar
I liked Prince of Persia... and Twilight Princess,of course. but the ULTIMATE for the Wii is... Wii SPORTS!!

I love that stuff.

I would scan the motherboard just for you... but my scanner is kaput.
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