Zilla vs Gamera pt. 1

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During Operation: Final War, Godzilla, King of the Monsters, had been awakened from his lethargy in the Antarctic and led to Japan to beat the Xiliens and stop their conquest. To get there, the leviathan was guided by the Gotengo, the flying submarine that had buried him in the ice 40 years ago. Along the way, he had to go through the locations that were being attacked by the kaijus controlled by the aliens, the first location was Sydney, Australia, where it was Zilla, the radiated iguana from French Polynesia.

His combat with Zilla was one of -if not the- the shortest, which had Godzilla. After jumping over the atomic breath of the monster king, Zilla was beaten by Godzilla's tail and thrown against the Sydney Opera House where he was apparently desintegrated with the breath of his opponent.

...However the body was never seen and Godzilla continued with his march.

When the Xiliens were defeated by Godzilla, he and his son Minilla retired together to the sea. But Zilla, one of the few surviving kaijus (along with Rodan, King Caesar and Anguirus) emerged from the rubble of the Sydney Opera House and dove at sea, hoping to heal some of his wounds. While trying to heal, his characteristic hunger for fish woke up and went quickly into a Japanese fishing vessel that was on his way, as he did in 1998.

But the journey that Zilla had made when he found the boat turned out to be longer than he expected, as the ship was already near the coast of Japan and, not satisfied with the low load that the vessel had, he went straight to Japan.

Japan's recovery was one of the fastest despite being one of the most affected countries during the invasion. Fortunately, the fishing was the first to be restores and, at the same time, that drew the hungry giant iguana. Soon the effort to rise from the ashes prove to have been in vain...

When he arrived on the coast was greeted with fear by the fishermen, though fear was not the same as Godzilla awakened more than 50 years, Zilla had managed to scare them enough to make them generate more disaster than he could have done alone. Not content with the disaster that had unleashed, Zilla incinerated the annoying -and frightened- fishermen who tried unsuccessfully to lash out at him.

Enraged more than ever, Zilla advanced to Tokyo, where he did to the city all that he could not to Godzilla in their previous brief battle. He demolished the just in rebuilding the Tokyo Tower, demolished Shinjuku Office, burned and collapsed the Rainbow Bridge cables and destroyed almost all the embassies in Shinagawa. But suddenly, his path of destruction in Tokyo was interrupted by a group of four Gyaos, Gamera's eternal enemies.

But there was something odd about all this: the Gyaos came out during the day! When normally they would feel uncomfortable or blinded by the light of the Sun. The only explanation that people gave for this was that perhaps they were being chased by Gamera, who failed in his attempt to get them away. However, Zilla did not give them more importance, until the Gyaos were fixed in him for food. And that was something that Zilla had to respond.

He achieved to ignite in flames at one of them and things seemed to be in his favor, considering how fast he was. But the remaining Gyaos began to attack with they cutting sonic beams, causing bleeding in the extremities of Zilla (which was the target of the Gyaos), causing him to fall by the pain. Once on the ground, the men-eating creatures were about to eat the flesh of the iguana, but suddenly one of them was shot by a powerful fireball, and he took another Gyaos with it, eliminating both in the process. Who had "saved" the life of Zilla? No one else than Gamera!

Zilla slowly got up as Gamera finished to dispatch the last Gyaos. Just like nothing Zilla continued his way of disaster until he heard the defiant roar of the turtle. And it was obvious, when he finished his work with the Gyaos, Gamera noticed the chaos caused specifically by Zilla, knowing that four Gyaos had not been able to do something like that. The iguana responded the roar and launched to the attack over Gamera, in the same way he did with Godzilla, Gamera exhaled a fireball and Zilla jumped over it, but this time there would be no lash to hit him, so he had a certain advantage over his armored opponent.

Zilla fell over Gamera, ripping through the breastplate of the turtle with his claws while the other one lay on his shell, with the iguana seriously wounding him with his fire breath. Gamera was in troubles, Zilla did not stop his attempts to break through his breastplate and when the iguana bit his neck, Gamera had to use his rear thrusters. But Zilla was faster and took him by the tail with his jaws. Gamera just could't get rid of the strong grip of Zilla and the more he tried to flee were causing more pain himself...

to be continued...
Based on the events presented in "Godzilla: Final Wars"

It's like four pages (in total) of this story... So, wait for the second part!!! ;P

I decided to use Zilla 'cause I felt some kind of sorry for him (remember that his battle against Godzilla was the shortest in the film)...

Enjoy it ;D
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come on Gamera is having trouble with zilla and people think Gamera can beat Godzilla when Godzilla beat zilla in 6 seconds
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I think I don't understand your comment... amm you're saying that Gamera isn't strong enough to fight against the real Godzilla, based on the fight that he's having with Zilla??? :XD:
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Yeah and you should it was ment to be a insult to Tristar.
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actually i didn't think about that but no, it's not an insult to tristar, i don't care enough about them to insult them :XD:
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Oh no I ment about Godzilla killing Zilla in under 20 seconds in "Final Wars". Your story made him into a threat to other monsters.
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Wow, can't wait to see what happns next!
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