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Fists of Destiny: Violette St. Pierre
Violette St. Pierre
Age: 23
Birthdate: April 25
Nationality: French
Height: 5' 6”
Weight: 121 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Showgirl
Likes: Performing, bright colors, seeing her fans entertained
Dislikes: Uptight people, Goths (who wear all black)
Hobbies: Sewing (designs all of her own costumes), experimenting with new hairstyles, figure skating
Favorite Food: Tarte Flambee
Favorite Music: Show Tunes
Fighting Style: Interpretive Dance
Voice Actor: Mylene Dinh-Robic (ENG.), Ayako Kawasumi (JP.)
Story: Born to a concert pianist father and a ballerina mother, it was only natural Violette would enter into a life of entertainment. Having spent most of her life training, she has performed in various musical productions all across Europe, in the process developing her own unique style of combat revolving around interpretive dance and the usage of her elaborate stage costumes for both show and defense against a bevy of jealous rivals and creepy stalk
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It's been a LONG DAMN TIME since I have posted a journal entry on here where I talk about the random shit going on in my head and projects I've been wanting to do, but since I finally have some time and have decided to get up off my ass for once, I'm dropping in to let all of you know that I am still among the living and that I'm still working on “Fists of Destiny.”

Aside from working on FoD, I have also had other ideas floating around in my head and I had to really take the time to stop and think this entry out before I posted, so hopefully I've got all the bases covered.

And now, without further ado...

Path of Destruction – This is my side-scrolling beat 'em up idea that I've actually already posted HeroMachine created images for. I am definitely planning on posting images of generic enemies and bosses, as well as separate literature documents where I detail other plans.

Akuma no Ikari (Wrath of the Demon King) – This is a weapons-based fighting idea set in the late 18th century, which would be like my answer to the “Samurai Showdown” series and “The Last Blade” games. There have been a number of fighting game ideas with historical settings found on here inspired by a number of my fellow Deviant Fighting Zone members, such as GreatDragonKid's “BeastKnights,” genius-spirit's “Epic Blades” game ideas, Stylistic86's “Warriors of Armageddon,” and ChrisFClarke's “Bellum Bestiae.”

This idea would be entirely original characters also, meaning no special guest characters from existing franchises.

Horror Show (tentative title for the time being) – A monster-based fighting idea which is kind of like my answer to “Darkstalkers.”

At this moment I am still compiling ideas, some of which have been drifting in and out of my head, but there are some ideas I would have set in stone for sure:

  • A vampire from Romania.
  • A mummy from Egypt.
  • A werewolf from Canada.
  • A Frankenstein's Monster from Germany.
  • A backwoods slasher inspired by horror movie villains like Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Victor Crowley from the “Hatchet” movies.
  • A zombie from Great Britain.
  • A dhampir who will be the game's poster child.
  • A sahuagin, based upon a character class from Dungeons & Dragons who are similar to merfolk.
  • A living puppet.
  • A minotaur from Greece.
  • A man possessed by the spirit of a murderous Aztec high priest through an enchanted sacrificial dagger (my answer to Bishamon from “Darkstalkers”).
  • A human-tiger hybrid who practices martial arts.

Aside from those characters, I also have in mind a DLC character inspired by a real-life serial killer, and I would also use Scorpion of “Mortal Kombat” fame and Morrigan Aensland from “Darkstalkers” as special guest DLC.

There is also a goblin character I had designed whom I'm currently on the fence with either including them in “Horror Show” or “Akuma no Ikari.” Only time will tell on that one.

Elements of War – This is a fighting game idea I got in my head after seeing several ideas featuring warriors who can manipulate elements, such as the aforementioned “BeastKnights” by GreatDragonKid, “Elemental Battle” by genius-spirit, and “Mutant Force” by ChrisFClarke.

It's just an idea at this point, but I liked the concept and figured I could do some cool ideas as well.

Chrono Chaos – A concept of featuring warriors from throughout time, similar to SNK's “World Heroes,” Sega's “Eternal Champions” and the long forgotten “Time Killers.”

Basically a rogue scientist wants to rewrite history in his image, yet he ends up causing a major rift that brings together warriors from throughout time.

Shitty description, I know.

Aside from all that, I'm still wanting to do a more violent idea that's inspired by Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, yet I'm still hit by ideas that come and go faster than a fart.

At this point I can only stress that these are just ideas, so I'm not saying everything is set in stone. Knowing my luck, I might take FOREVER with some of these ideas if they ever come to pass, but there are definite ideas I have floating around in the crazy place that is called my head.

So until then, this has been your friendly neighborhood Metal Harbinger checking in and wishing all of you all some very happy holidays!

(Yes to any hardcore holy rollers who may read this and get “triggered,” yes I said HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)

  • Listening to: “God = Dog” by Behemoth


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