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Armor - X-Men by MetalHarbinger084 Armor - X-Men :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 17 1 Low-Light - G.I. JOE by MetalHarbinger084 Low-Light - G.I. JOE :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 7 0
Fists of Destiny: Wong Lu
Wong Lu
Age: 21
Birthdate: January 6
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 5' 7”
Weight: 136 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Unemployed
Likes: Nanhai (his macaque), napping outdoors
Dislikes: Peppers, mosquitoes, long lines, coffee
Hobbies: Traveling, playing the erhu, sleeping
Favorite Food: Meat dumplings
Favorite Music: Pop Music
Fighting Style: Zui Quan
Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer (ENG.), Takashi Ohara (JP.)
Story: An orphan who was raised by his sifu Lee Fong, for years Wong has trained extensively under his master's watchful gaze and become a skilled fighter. In spite of his fighting skills, Wong is very much lacking discipline and motivation, much to his master's chagrin. A notorious slacker who would rather chill with his pet macaque Nanhai, life seems to be going nowhere for the young man and it seems the old master is finally reaching his breaking point. Despite his flaws, Wong regards his master as a father figure and is deeply troubled by the
:iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 1
Hauser - PoD by MetalHarbinger084 Hauser - PoD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 0 Ace - PoD by MetalHarbinger084 Ace - PoD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 4 0 Slip - PoD2 by MetalHarbinger084 Slip - PoD2 :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 0 Long - POD by MetalHarbinger084 Long - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 4 0 Meat - POD by MetalHarbinger084 Meat - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 2 0 Jazz - POD by MetalHarbinger084 Jazz - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 0 Krieg - POD2 by MetalHarbinger084 Krieg - POD2 :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 5 0 Saxon - POD by MetalHarbinger084 Saxon - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 3 0 Buzz - POD by MetalHarbinger084 Buzz - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 2 0 T-Dog - POD by MetalHarbinger084 T-Dog - POD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 2 0 Dasher - PoD by MetalHarbinger084 Dasher - PoD :iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 2 0
Path of Destruction - The Baddies
The Enemies:
Dasher – Your obligatory “cannon fodder” thug who is easy to beat. Not very strong, fast, nor bright, he attacks with a basic punching combo and an occasional side kick.
T-Dog – He is another low-level thug, yet is slightly stronger, faster and smarter than Dasher. His attacks include a punching combo that can end with a hammer punch, an uppercut that targets heroes who jump too close to him, and a dashing punch he will unleash for anyone who stands idly in front of him for too long.
Buzz – A sleazy Mohawked thug who can be dangerous if ignored for too long. His attacks include a punching combo that can end with a powerful haymaker, a spinning back fist for heroes standing idly near him, a sliding kick that can cross most of the screen, and an over the shoulder throw that can become really hazardous depending upon the situation.
Saxon – A burly biker thug who attacks with a standard punching combo and can block incoming attacks when face
:iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 1 6
Path of Destruction - Move Sets
Standard Controller Configuration:
Y Button on XBOX One Controller or Triangle on a PS4 Controller: Light Attack
X Button on XBOX One Controller or Square on PS4 Controller: Heavy Attack
B Button on XBOX One Controller or Circle on PS4 Controller: Jump
A Button on XBOX One Controller or X on PS4 Controller: Special Attack
Richard Flynn
Age: 26
Height: 6' 2”
Weight: 203 lbs.
Nationality: American
Occupation: Police Officer
Hobbies: Surfing, Video Games
Type: Balanced
Influences: Cody Travers from “Final Fight,” Axel Stone from “Streets of Rage,” Terry Bogard from “Fatal Fury.”
Ground Attacks:
Light Combo: 2 jabs, followed by a straight punch, a low side kick, then ending with a high side kick.
Heavy Combo: Flynn delivers 2 hard hitting jabs, followed by a gut punch, then ending with an uppercut.
Rear Attack: Flynn performs a spinning back fist.
Dash Attack: Flynn executes a burning dashing punch attack similar to Terry Bogard's
:iconmetalharbinger084:MetalHarbinger084 0 1


JET LI by Josher-Jonan JET LI :iconjosher-jonan:Josher-Jonan 26 3 KEN by Josher-Jonan KEN :iconjosher-jonan:Josher-Jonan 17 3 Haunted Moonville Tunnel by patrickjay Haunted Moonville Tunnel :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 6 0 Two-Face by patrickjay Two-Face :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 7 1 EREN Shingeki No Kyojin by Josher-Jonan EREN Shingeki No Kyojin :iconjosher-jonan:Josher-Jonan 37 1 La Vie En Rose by MarcBourcier La Vie En Rose :iconmarcbourcier:MarcBourcier 91 5 X-Men by patrickjay X-Men :iconpatrickjay:patrickjay 95 13 Classic X-MEN by BIG-D-ARTiZ Classic X-MEN :iconbig-d-artiz:BIG-D-ARTiZ 21 2 DC: Super-Villains - Silver Banshee Base Card Art by tonyperna DC: Super-Villains - Silver Banshee Base Card Art :icontonyperna:tonyperna 127 19 Firebender: Prince Zuko by Animaker131 Firebender: Prince Zuko :iconanimaker131:Animaker131 507 90 Wasteland Survivor by rustysteel Wasteland Survivor :iconrustysteel:rustysteel 60 2 Garou by DeathNinja07 Garou :icondeathninja07:DeathNinja07 12 4 Blanka by lamwin Blanka :iconlamwin:lamwin 479 30 Blackest Night 3 pgs 16-17 by sinccolor Blackest Night 3 pgs 16-17 :iconsinccolor:sinccolor 279 32 Sylvanas by Xyrlei Sylvanas :iconxyrlei:Xyrlei 210 12 Ancient city by rougealizarine Ancient city :iconrougealizarine:rougealizarine 120 20


Well, I obviously didn't check in for last month, but this entry proves that the train is still a runnin' and so I drop in to once again grace (or disgrace) you with my presence!

Aside from Memorial Day and a recent metalhead cookout, not much else is new in the life of the Metal Harbinger aside from still brainstorming ideas...yes, not easy being the Metal Harbinger in that particular regard right there.

But rest assured, I am NOT out of the game just yet.

And since we are on the subject of trains, here's some train just for you:

  • Listening to: "Terror Train" by Demons & Wizards
  • Reading: Wikipedia
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Drinking: Diet Mt. Dew


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