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Periodic Table of Elements of Harmony (V. Beta)
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Published: March 13, 2012


All the vectors used to make this were not made by me, but found at various places around the internet - mostly through Google searches and ponychan's /pic/ - and if anyone sees one they know they made and wants me to credit them they can message me and I will gladly do so.

At least 44 of these vectors were made by RilDraw: ([link])
Many were also done by MaximillianVeers ([link])
As well as many who submitted to the mlp-vectorclub ([link])
And the Gummy vector was created by MisterLolrus: ([link]) ([link])
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momo-malt-gern's avatar
momo-malt-gern|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this so much!!
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TheCartoonWizard's avatar
I represent the element of coming a turd butt
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nana57n's avatar
Ssscottaloo and Sweetie Bell have now a Cutie Marks
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Lou-Dou's avatar
what a great imagination!
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mysteryreason|Hobbyist General Artist
So let me get this straight.
Harmony: Celestia.
Magic: Twilight Sparkle.
Night: Luna.
Nightmare: Nightmare Moon.
Mystery: Zecora.
Charisma: Trixie.
Tolerance: Carrot Top.
Music: Octavia.
Wubwubwub: Vinyl Scratch.
Loyalty: Rainbow Dash.
Chivalry: Shining Armor.
Love: Cadence.
Luck: ???
Care: ???
Voice: Sweetie Drops.
Sitting: Lyra Heartstrings.
Surprise: ???
Laughter: Pinkie Pie.
Flight: Spitfire.
Pie: Soarin?
Adventure: Daring Do.
Genetics: Mr Carrot Cake.
Motherhood: Mrs Cup Cake.
Growth: Roseluck?
Flowers: Daisy?
Horror: ???
Rest: ???
Relaxation: ???
Spoons: Silver Spoon.
Mischeif: Snips.
Tomfoolery: Snails.
Drink: Berry Punch.
Poking: ???
Leadership: ???
Enthusiasm: Braeburn?
Generosity: Rarity.
Class: ???
Vanity: ???
Charm: ???
Style: ???
Support: ???
Life: ???
Awesome: ???
Strength: Bulk Biceps?
Skill: ???
Perseverance: ???
Brattiness: Diamond Tiara.
Annoyance: Twist (Hey!)
Innocence: Sapphire Shores?
Cute: ???
Practice: ???
Teaching: Cheerilee.
Eeyup: Big Mac.
Honesty: Applejack.
Rocks: Maud Pie?
Work: ???
Contrast: Aunt Orange.
Comparison: Uncle Orange.
Stars: ???
Diplomacy: ???
Competition: ???
Servitude: ???
Protection: ???
Sensation: ???
Magiks: Photo Finish?
Isolation: ???
Peanut Butter: ???
Time: Time Turner.
Toothpaste: Minuette?
History: Granny Smith.
Kindness: Fluttershy.
Song: Flim?
Dance: Flam?
Water: ???
Thunder: ???
Lightning: ???
Rain: ???
Grapes: ???
Apples: ???
Doughnuts: ???
Insanity: ???
Chaos: Screwball.
Discovery: Star Swirl the Bearded.
Unseen: Pipsqueak.
Unknown: Scootaloo.
Uncertain: Sweetie Belle.
Undiscovered: Apple Bloom.
Derp: Derpy.
Judgement: ???
Greed: ???
Motivation: Iron Will.
Tradition: Cheif Thunderhooves.
Peace: Little Strongheart.
Fabulousity: ???
Dedication: ???
Youth: Spike.
Trolling: Philomena.
Playfulness: Winona.
Who?: Owlowicious.
Laziness: Opalescence.
Swag: Gummy.
Tenacity: Tank.
Impatience: ???
Destruction: Parasprites.
Warning: ???
Hate: ???
Discord: Discord.
Evil: ???
Vengeance: ???
Betrayal: Tirek?
Fear: The dragon from "Dragonshy".
Sickness: The hydra.
Death: The cockatrice.
Delusion: Tom.
Paranoia: Boulder?
Turmoil: ???
Dumb: ???
A kitchen sink: ???
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mysteryreason|Hobbyist General Artist
Element of Dumb, LOL. And "Kitchen Sink".
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pinku82828's avatar
pinku82828|Student Digital Artist
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pinku82828's avatar
pinku82828|Student Digital Artist
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ChanterelleFray's avatar
ChanterelleFray|Hobbyist General Artist
Loyalty...Vengeance...Vanity...Class....PEANUT BUTTER!
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PrinceRisingMoon's avatar
Derp is by far the best element
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Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar
Sweet! I love some of the elements - like 118 (Derp), 103 (A Kitchen Sink??! lol), and 82 (Peanut Butter). Mmm. :D

Wouldn't Nightmare be more of an isotope of Night? ;)
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Whistle-Trill's avatar
Whistle-Trill|Hobbyist General Artist
19. I'm a hothead.....
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AwesomeSauce432's avatar
AwesomeSauce432|Hobbyist General Artist
I think im number 65 personally. Ah Philomena, you are my spirit animal
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Pauleen-MLP's avatar
i think i'm 57
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gaybiez's avatar
gaybiez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The sun is made out of Magiks and Magics.
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Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
Sketch-Shepherd|Hobbyist General Artist
Holy shit, this is perfect.

And I'm currently studying the periodic table too. :D
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SqueeVinyl's avatar
SqueeVinyl|Student General Artist
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Scarecrow113's avatar
Scarecrow113|Hobbyist Writer
Annoyance is an element of harmony?
I think I'm #27 or 53
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ChoccyMilkshake's avatar
ChoccyMilkshake|Hobbyist General Artist
i love this bit:
unseen unknown uncertain undiscovered...derp :hooray: made my day! hooray for derpy :heart:
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mrzqsproductions's avatar
lol the 69 element is swag!
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deletedaccounts's avatar
This is hilarious.

I was about to say "This table has everything but the kitchen sink."

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LemGambino's avatar
I love this! (fav'd) Good job :D
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colgatetail's avatar
colgatetail|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You messed up Silver Spoons and Diamond Tiara's coat colors.
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EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Huh. This means that unstable elements emit Magic nuclei, doesn't it?
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