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Found out it was just the weather causing any internet outages so I may be able to stream as planned in the coming weeks. Also it appears DeviantArt silently removed the ability to edit comments...? [EDIT] Seems you can edit comments but only for a l...
Went from 0 dropped frames over 2 whole days to an abysmal upload rate the next. I was hoping to stream more but my internet has been acting up again. Will try and stream again once it's stable but no ETA on that.
From the last status -> Option A: "Ember and Cinder slice of life art" won by a margin of one vote. O: So that is what it will be.
After I finish my last commission from August, which of these themes would you like to see me draw most in November? A. Ember and Cinder slice of life art. B. Assorted fan art. (As in characters from shows/manga I enjoy, not requests)  C. Ember and C...
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and presents! If I haven't already, I'll leave an in depth comment on any gifts you made and thank you for the wishes personally :3

DeviantArt: Old Site vs Eclipse

  |  2069 votes
  • Old Site
  • Eclipse
  • No preference.

Did you get the new Pokemon game?

  |  1968 votes
  • I got Sword.
  • I got Shield.
  • I got both.
  • No but I plan to.
  • No and I never will.
  • Who cares, I just want art of the female characters!
  • Other? (please comment)

Have you ever griefed in a video game?

  |  1701 votes
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • I don't know / am not sure.

RE2 remake decision time:

  |  1366 votes
  • Claire.
  • Ada.
  • Neither.
  • I don't know or don't care.

Time to settle this age old question. The best main ent...

  |  1607 votes
  • [I] Arena
  • [II] Daggerfall
  • [III] Morrowind
  • [IV] Oblivion
  • [V] Skyrim
  • I don't know or care.
  • Other (please comment)
  • Hi yes, please work on more art Metal... chop chop.