Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

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By Metalforever
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I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday and to those who drew or gave me a gift, it really means a lot to me. Check out said gift images below and the rest of the artist's gallery. I apologize if they are formatted weird, journals using DeviantArt Eclipse are worse than I expected. Some are images and other twitter links. I'll be sure to leave a comment on each one in due time. Thank you again!

Ember's Birthday Buffet Belly
GA - Metals Birthday
© 2020 Metalforever
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Oh, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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Thanks OrangeHerring, I did!

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Sorry I missed your Birthday. A very happy belated Birthday

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There is no need to apologize and thank you Mangavore.

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Happy belated bday! :D

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Thanks Snow-chan :3

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Happy belated birthday ! ^^'

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Thanks SilverBelly :3

FireRifle64's avatar

ah heck, Happy belated birthday

Metalforever's avatar

Thank you FireRifle c:

ShiraOnDA's avatar

Oh, I didnt know it was your birthday! Happy birthday then!

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Thanks ShiraOnDA

TheBigSnowtatoXL's avatar

DAMN i missed it :(

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As much as I heard every complaint everyone has to offer Eclipse, I must say this now:

I forgot your birthday due to the removal of the birthday notifications by the Eclipse layout, so I'm really sorry that I did.

That said, I really do hope you enjoyed your birthday today, Metal.

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Don't feel sorry one big Killer-Z and I did, thank you.

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Oh man! I wished I didn't forget your birthday I would've done you a gift :(

Hope you had a good one

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Don't sweat it and thanks, I did!

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dang I missed it?! happy late one then!

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Thanks Bowser14456

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You deserve every gift you get! :D

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I don't know about that, but I certainly appreciate them :3

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Thanks PlasmaCrowcodile!

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