Fall 2020 Update

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Yo everyone, happy almost Halloween. I'm here with a very brief update for the fall of 2020.

Commission Status: CLOSED:

As planned I opened up for commissions back in the middle of August with active patrons getting first priority, taking a total of 10 colored sketch commissions on the first day. I'm not fully confident in this method for a few reasons and I'll be continuing to evaluate how to best take commissions in the future. I've been able to work on the ones accepted before I start each month's Patreon art but it's a bit more work than I expected, since last time I was only offering 1 sequence and 2 colored images a month compared to the current 3 sequences and 2 colored sketches. But I'm confident if I cram I'll be able to get all commissions completed in due time.

Art Updates:

As for upcoming art I have Peach's colored sketch lined up for this Wednesday and Erza's sequence on Halloween. After that I'll have a few alternative versions of previous art to share in early November.

But one thing I am curious about is if I should post any or all of the black and white patron sketches to my main gallery instead of scraps? Would that be something that would interest you guys?

Also I read all your guys feedback on me attempting more animations and I'll go forward and try some more in the future. I'll see what I can do in my free art time after I finish up this current batch of commissions in a few months.

That's about all for now, if you have any questions regarding my art here, my Patreon or anything else feel free to comment or PM me.

Thanks and stay safe.

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I always love sketches and B/W in the actual gallery, scraps just feels like its for work that you are either ashamed of, large sketch lots, or incomplete works that have finished products in the main gallery.

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That's fair, I just don't like flooding folks inboxes.