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Tracer's New Role

By Metalforever
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Ever since Brigitte was released she pushed Tracer out of the meta and times have been tough for her... Having been put on the sidelines she's been endlessly snacking. Packing on the weight with Overwatch 2 promotional Pop Tarts, Pringles, Lucio-O's! and 40oz mega gulp sodas.

Here is to hoping Overwatch 2 gets her back into the meta, though Tracer's role has clearly swapped from DPS to Tank. Hopefully whenever it comes out it'll have been worth the weight.

The booty shorts version and orange leggings versions are gifts for one of my good artist friends, whom I've known for over 10 years at this point. Normally I'd draw one of their OCs but I did that last year and so I asked them what they wanted and they said a fat woman, and they like the Overwatch cast so I put two and two together.

In addition I made several alternative versions, sweaty and clean versions of each outfit, a butterball gut and implied vore version.

This is the sweaty booty shorts version, I'll put the clean version in scraps today.


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Halfseven's avatar

Sorry, where did you put the clean version? I can't see it in Scraps

Metalforever's avatar

They're up on twitter and tumblr right now. I just haven't gotten around to posting them here yet.

silver779v's avatar

Please i want tsunade💔

ItsAyui's avatar

dont really like fat tracer but she is still lookin good :)

quirkyplans's avatar

Heh, poor Tracer, at least you're cuteness never changes as you're body does

Metalforever's avatar

It may even increase :3c

quirkyplans's avatar

Heh, definitely :3

theboi12345678910's avatar

do you take requests?

Dragonillustrations's avatar

Cheers love the bulldozer is here-

Metalforever's avatar

Smashing down doors like The Heavy in Meet the Spy.

Dragonillustrations's avatar

Never stood a chance

DaSupaUltraBaragon's avatar

is It just me or is Tracer underutilized in fat art?

Metalforever's avatar

I think she gets a decent amount of it, but more is always welcome in my book.

DaSupaUltraBaragon's avatar

Funny,i find little to no fat art of her,it’s mostly Mei and D.VA. But Surely more is appreciated

sniperman987's avatar

"Drink to win lootboxes" What an evil plan..

Metalforever's avatar

Blizzard has become the new EA, I wouldn't put it past them!

TFMTMTE's avatar

She's fast, she's gotta get that fast food.

Love the "Drink to Win" on the cup!

Metalforever's avatar

Heh, thanks TFMTMTE :3

pctutorial2014's avatar

Nice hustle tons-a-fun! Next time eat a salad!

Metalforever's avatar

I.. eat your.. SANDVICHES, I EAT 'EM ALL.

bigbellylover11's avatar

Fat bald fatty fat... fat fat!

CambelDaBest's avatar

TF2 references. Nice!

Ushindeshi's avatar

I bet whenever she blinks, her rolls jiggle and

KatelynPie's avatar

Oooh, she looks nice. Is she still able to blink with all that weight on her? uwu

anonymous's avatar
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