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Too Much Ramen

By Metalforever
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I figured with Min Min's family owning a ramen shop, it seems only natural that her mom would make her a taste tester. She's an up and coming fighter and they need plenty of food, right?

This was a bonus image I began back in late July after Min Min was relegated in the runoff polls. I've always wanted to draw her and finally had the time, so I did.

Up on Patreon there are several alternative versions, ranging from Min Min still wanting more food, to her being suddenly and/or unknowingly pregnant and finally her loving & embracing her gravid state.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

Gain early access to my art,
The ability to vote in polls,
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Min Min is too hot!!! I love Her Bellybutton a lot! Do you think bellybuttons are hot too?

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Navels are nice from time to time.

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Good. Cause she already looks perfect. 🥰

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So, I know it'll usually be a while before this happens normally, but will any of the alts be posted here eventually?

Metalforever's avatar

In the next few months or so.

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She looks like Hot Pants, from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

Metalforever's avatar

I don't see the resemblance.

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It’ll help with knock outs that’s for sure!

Dragonillustrations's avatar

Battle strategies people!

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Love your fatty Min Min!

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We can go bigger, we have the artistic technology....

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Yay, best girl Min-Min

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Nice work on this. I can’t wait to see the alternates make their way here eventually.

Temorinkitokimi's avatar

Love your stuff my dude.

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I think you mean 'Not enough Ramen" o3o

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A belly packed full of that much ramen and broth has got to be soo warm and squishy to snuggle up with!

Metalforever's avatar

Almost certainly! Not to mention loud too.

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The first thing that I notice was them fat wave by the fingers and fat waves are always appreciated.

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She must of built up a bit of chub from previous tasting sessions :3

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