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Stuffed Seras Button Popping

Alternative button popping version to the picture below of Seras Victoria.

Mature Content

Stuffed Seras by Metalforever

Thank you to my patrons for the support and making this possible!

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CharlieTheArtist7's avatar
I daresay those poor buttons never stood a chance. I love her facial expression too. 🥰 Very lovely!
Asshole889's avatar
It was inevitable.
DasBraustPanzer's avatar
I just finished watching Hellsing Ultimate, and this just adds to my love for it. Good job, Metal. ^^
Metalforever's avatar
Excellent and thanks DasBrausPanzer.


this is pretty fun
button popping, always a classic. love her facial expression too.
Metalforever's avatar
Thanks fatlina c:
Honestlyhonest2's avatar
Lol, funny and sexy
TFMTMTE's avatar
The perfect squeal! 
Nice job again!
Metalforever's avatar
Thank you TFMTMTE :3
Austin7Hearts's avatar
Nice work on this.
Litanus's avatar
Small changes can make a big difference!
Metalforever's avatar
All it took was one more bite of food and Seras got in this predicament :3c 
Litanus's avatar
She might as well finish her meal, not like she’s going anywhere
Metalforever's avatar
CadenGallic's avatar
It's great how a minor edit and a change in expression can create something pretty new.
Metalforever's avatar
Indeed, it's amazing how every little piece of detail can alter the entire picture.
tris09's avatar
time to reactivate the mature content filter :)
zorgothe's avatar
Stuffed as fuck~
Metalforever's avatar
You can say that again!
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