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She's Hot Stuff [Preg Alt]

By Metalforever
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Yo everyone, here is the non-sweaty pregnancy version of this colored sketch from July of a chubby Princess Daisy…

If you thought her playing tennis while chubby was an obstacle, I can only imagine such a large gravid gut would be twice the burden.


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Woah.. Her belly is gigantic!

Metalforever's avatar

Just the way a pregnant belly should be :3c

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Nice images of the pregnancy
And awesome details on daisy
ghostneurion's avatar

I hope you draw more pregnancy images

Metalforever's avatar

Preggos are an addiction that can't be tamed. It's safe to assume there will be more of them in the future.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Who’s the father in this version?
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pirometrix's avatar

Hermosa and panzona

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Daisy need a belly rub

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You’re damn right she’s hot stuff!
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I like how Peach is also rocking a pregnant belly in the background. I didn't catch that at first.

Metalforever's avatar

Yeah :3c She's just jealous hers isn't as heavy and ripe I guess.

Finndragon92's avatar

Peach is jealous, lol

nice belly

undertaker5656's avatar
shadevore3's avatar
He looks sexier with a pregnant belly
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I love those shifty eyes.

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*hugs her belly*

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Daisy: Like my belly?

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