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Rotund Ryuko

By Metalforever
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Swollen, bloated and unable to properly wear Senketsu, Ryuko has more excuses than she has meals per day, which are quite a lot! But I don't think Senketsu is buying it one bit. Ryuko is in no shape to be fighting Satsuki let alone the lowest two star club leader in her condition. Mako on the other hand is oblivious to the situation at hand and just wants to help like the wholesome friend she is.

Hey everyone, here is December's 5th place winner Ryuko Matoi all soft and chubby!

This was an interesting picture to work on. I wanted to do the November pogchamp meme but I also wanted to draw her all soft and in denial about her current body state. I think tomboys make the best candidates for this kind of scenario, not used to being fat or in the alt versions cases, pregnant.

Speaking of there are three alternative versions up on Patreon right now. The chubby pogchamp version, the pregnant regular version and pregnant meme version. With all 3 having different dialog too.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

Gain early access to my art,
The ability to vote in polls,
The ability to suggest a character,
exclusive Photoshop files, works in progress and more at my Patreon…

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Amazing stuff, as always!

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What anime is she from?

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💀💀💀💀🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈😈☠️☠️☠️🤬🤬✨✨✨ nice 👍

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Ryuko's right. She needs more food for more "energy"!

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Yes yes... "energy" :3

Bowser14456's avatar her clothes don't talk? XD

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If I'm not mistake, Ryuko can talk to Senketsu but no one else can hear him. Though It has been like 5+ years since I saw the anime.

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They're fighting like a married couple...

I ship it.

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That's a really weird ship
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eh i agree but it's fitting
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At least her belly is big and full of love, so that's something!

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Ugh, fine. I guess you are my little hogchamp.

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An animation of her at this size with the pogchamp video. We need our top scientists on this.

Always love seeing your range in sizes and especially love these soft and chubby ones! Top work once again!

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Uh fine I guess it is okay

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God everyone already beat me to references and puns

But I can definitely say they'll have to change the lyrics to "go lose some weight" instead of "don't lose your way"-

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Satsuki is probably either laughing her face off or calling Ryuko a “pig in human clothing”
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I dont this”Pogchamp” meme, but this is nice

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Yes,I'd love to be your little,chubby chasing pogchamp,pretty please!

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