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Rotund Rosalina


Rosalina and weight gain were December's first place winners, so here is the colored sketch sequence!

I wanted to try and have Rosalina in several different outfits as she plumped up through the sequence. Featuring her normal dress with spats underneath, bra and panties, tennis outfit and racing outfit. I always forget how deceptively complicated her hair can be though.

Also I had more fun than I thought I would drawing the lumas.

Thank you to my patrons for the support and making this possible!

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nowise fits her weight class in mario cart

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Great sequence :) 
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Thanks FatClubInc :>
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My god, a perfect sequence of one of my all time favourite princesses! Metal you are honestly really talented, keep up the work.
Also are the rest of the images on the January preview going to be released soon? Or are they all Patreon only?
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Dope man, happy to hear :3

and all my Patreon images will be posted publicly weeks after they go up there. That includes the rest of January's images which will be posted in the coming weeks.
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Love it uwu

Good job on this!

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You're welcome :)

Fat Rosalina looks awesome in her bike suit, her belly looks so big and wobbly, I love it 😍

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It's her favorite outfit of mine and happy to hear dude :3
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shes so beautiful the lumas made this even more funny Lol - Natsu Fairy Tail 
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She better give it another try.
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You are and forever will be one of my favorite artists~:happybounce: 
She's so cute in this!
Ahhhh I wanna hug herrr!! <3
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Did you take down the uraraka sequence

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I did not take it down, DeviantArt's staff did. I'll be posting a journal tomorrow on where to find all my public art other than DeviantArt.

This is by far the best Rosalina piece I've ever seen! The way her bike suit holds her plump belly, the way it clings to her curves. Fuckin perfect! Thank you so so much!

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Her biker suit was my favorite part to draw, and no no, thank you.
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I've been in the mood for Rosalina a lot lately.

You've picked the perfect time to make this!

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From the tiny pudge, to the fatty in the bra and panties to the racing suit...
Absolutely amazing!
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Thanks TFMTMTE :3c it's always fun drawing the same woman at different sizes.
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