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Robin Noms Nami

By Metalforever
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Studying and researching can burn tons of calories and Robin is aware of this. Though she may have gone overboard, packing away sandwich after PBJ sandwich until her clothes were tight, belly jiggling and breasts bouncing. Of course the fear of getting fatter didn't stop her from reprimanding Nami for her mocking comments. Besides, this is a great opportunity to study the effects of the digestion system!

Hey everyone, I'm here with December's 3rd place winner Nico Robin in a combo weight gain & voracious sequence!

For this sequence I wanted Nico Robin to really plump up before eating Nami. Kind of an inverse of what usually happens, with Robin's weight being the catalyst for Nami's condescending comments and subsequent nomming. And any excuse to include some bonus Nami is welcome in my book. I also like the concept of a sassy reversal or come back in vore by eating said offender.

But of course vore isn't for everyone, so we have three alternative versions up on Patreon right now: A non vore version ending in Nami being force fed, a outie navel vore version and an outie non-vore version!


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

Gain early access to my art,
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Deha40's avatar
Could U do some no fatty nico robin/nami vore?

Like vore with a gut but not fat
Metalforever's avatar

I don't take requests.

TFMTMTE's avatar

That tummy pinch... good stuff!

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks TFMTMTE x3

Go-Tee's avatar

I mean cows generally don't eat people, so I guess no, she isn't.

Metalforever's avatar

That is a fair point :3

wayne234's avatar

Remember what Troy McClure said: If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about.

Austin7Hearts's avatar

Nice work on this. òωó

Apparent-Apparatus's avatar

A post-digestion/weight-gain follow-up would be amazing.

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Eyebrows Wiggle Huehue

hyperguineapig's avatar

Well done metal. Finally a pic of my favourite female charakter in One Piece. Nico Robin:heart:

Sophiebutt's avatar

Well, she's definitely a cow! But not just any cow. She's a beautiful cow >.<

hyperguineapig's avatar

Of course Robin is beautiful. But I also like her charakter and the comments from her, they always make should I say? giggle or something, sorry englisch is not my mothertongue

Sophiebutt's avatar

It's alright! I still understand you. Yus, Robin is very lovely <3

Largebboi124's avatar

Robin is best Pred

notreallyme69's avatar
My waifu thank you metal
ChooChooPaPow's avatar
Nami shoulda known not to make fun of a girl’s weight
Speedytoken's avatar

I absolutely love your weight gain sequences always a joy seeing new ones👌

Metalforever's avatar

Awesome Speedytoken

animepregolover's avatar

I like the idea of plumping up with food leading into a vore occurrence, and the teasing fat person leads to vore reminds me of how people always joke fat people will “eat them“ if they get upset, so 10/10 on setup and freakin 11/10 on the picture itself, especially that middle chub, one of my fa-vore-ite pics by you now!

I apologize for the terrible pun.

Ushindeshi's avatar

Robin looks beautiful and sexy even if she was a cow! Amazing work

anonymous's avatar
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