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Power Girl's Powerful Appetite

By Metalforever
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With her heavy belly swaying, thick thighs wobbling, bountiful breasts jiggling, ample arms bouncing... super villains tremble before her in fear! (... and from the tremors she creates trying to waddle)

Yo everyone, here is September's 2nd place winner Power Girl in a 4 part weight gain sequence!

For this sequence I decided to have Power Girl not aware of her growing girth and in denial about her rapidly expanding frame. Something tells me she has a bit of a sweet tooth but it may be something out of her control. Much like her canon counter part, I wanted to have Power Girl's whole body and not just her breasts growing with each issue released as a result of her artist intentionally drawing her that way.

I hope the issue titles aren't too corny, I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with comic books. I did notice that Power Girl has a variety of outfits so I kind of amalgamated some into what I thought looked best together. The belt had to go though... one way or another. Also shoutout to Captain Rocko for reminding me about Lex Luthor stealing 40 cakes meme, I decided to include a little nod to that in panel 2.

There are two alternative versions up on Patreon right now; one with heavy sweat and the other with a voracious ending where Power Girl is enjoying a Divine meal :3


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Batgirl: Powergirl?

dakosjs's avatar

How come it says the the delivery man?

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It's a joke title for that issue.

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Imagine if she went to a edible planet that was made out of cake =P

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It'll be wiped from the archives for sure.

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Such a great weight gain sequence - you did this really, really well! I love it!

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Thanks fatgirl33

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God I love these sequence pieces you make. They're so good!!

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Awesome to hear :3 Thanks Sammy!

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Nice drawings. Will we see the nude versions of these ones someday? :)

Large Lucoa
Larger Lucoa
Melony's Heavy Cream Filling
Guest-chan's avatar

Yes, I know. But I questioned you if you plan to do it someday.

P.S.: It's neither a request nor a commission.

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Deliciously big >83

Metalforever's avatar

My favorite kind of big :3c

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40th cake, HA!

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haha great humour! ^_^

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I mean, if a girl’s belly doesn’t reach the floor, is she really living?

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That's the real end game.

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For the vore one: ISSUE #25 Power Girl Stomachs the DC Universe

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Pudge Girl

Awesome work as always metal!

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Thanks TFMTMTE :3

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