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Makoto Takes The Big Bang Burger Challenge

By Metalforever
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Does this mean her guts stats are now bold? Staunch? No she's Lionhearted... or well her stomach is. Here is September's 3rd place winner Makoto! Thanks to user Scryer for mentioning Big Bang Burgers from the game, I wouldn't have stumbled upon info regarding the chain on my own. As for the background, that's a prequel to the upcoming Futaba colored sketch.

Up on Patreon there are 3 alternative versions, one without Futaba and Ann in the background, another without the food stand around and finally a pregnancy / outie navel version.

The first two panels I'm rather happy with and their results, the third panel I had a little bit of trouble getting her gut to rest on the stand counter. I adjusted her far arm in the third panel from the WIP since it felt too similar to the second.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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Kinda ruined for me by the background stuff, but amazing artwork as always!
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well, a it is half the months but only 2 arts have been uploaded.

Img 20201015 184838
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You're more than welcome to pledge and see the art immediately or wait for it to be posted publicly throughout the month, as has been the case for over a year now. Plus be sure to check scraps, I posted 10 patron sketches there just yesterday.

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This is amazing, can you make more belly art with persona 5 girls in the future especially with makoto.

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You are a woman of culture.

TFMTMTE's avatar

I bet she'd be back for more in no time!

Also cute backround chars!

Metalforever's avatar

Exactly, no one can have just 100 burgers and not want more :3c

Dragonillustrations's avatar

I spot a whale in the distance near shore!

Metalforever's avatar

A whale (or shark) in need of head pats no less.

Dragonillustrations's avatar

Both whale shark- someone call for emergency pats

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now who could eat more...makoto or chie?

Metalforever's avatar

My bet is Chie, since she's pretty athletic.

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I don't think Chie would let minor things like 'limits to how far her belly can stretch' get in the way of eating everything she was given!

clueless42's avatar

chie hands down since burgers are meat

grandacez's avatar

How about a chocolate burger ;)?

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I love the Easter Egg in the back.
Metalforever's avatar

Thanks SemipiDog :3

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Nice work on this.

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You’re welcome.

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Something tells me that she’s going to retract that statement by next week! XD

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She'll waddle up to the counter and slam her fist, demanding she take the challenge again!

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But double the challenge quantity!

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I like the vore in the background

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