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January 2021 Patreon Preview

By Metalforever
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Each month the top 3 poll winners are drawn as color sketch sequences with 4th and 5th place being drawn as color sketches. In addition there are up to 10 black and white patron sketches for top tier Patrons.

Gain early access to my art,
The ability to vote in polls,
The ability to suggest a character,
exclusive Photoshop files, works in progress and more at my Patreon:…

December's Color Sketch Sequences:

#1 Cynthia from Pokemon (6 part Vore into Weight Gain sequence with a bonus animated version of the sequence! Plus an alternative non-vore /Stuffing animation and and a non-vore/Stuffing sequence versions)
#2 Yang Xiao Long (4 part Stuffing sequence; A direct sequel to Blakes, featuring a bloated Blake along side Yang with alternative Vore and outie belly button / Preggo versions)
#3 Nico Robin (3 part Weight gain into Vore sequence with alternative an Stuffing version. Plus Pregnancy / outie belly button + alt dialog for both tummy types)

December's Color Sketches:

#4 Serleena (Massive butterball BBW along with implied vore: Alternative versions include a Stuffing / non vore alternative version with alt dialog, plus Sweaty versions for both tummy types)
#5 Ryuko Matoi (Chubby Weight Gain with Pregnancy alt version and Pogchamp meme versions for both tummy types, with different dialog)

Bonus Images:

a. A super fat blob Kurisu and bbw Suzuha
b. 10 black and white sketches for top tier patrons
c. 3 rough black and white runner up sketches of girls who did not win this month's poll
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© 2021 Metalforever
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Oneeyedgamer05's avatar

When are you posting the Pokemon stuff?

Metalforever's avatar

Later this month

Go-Tee's avatar

Here be me barrel rolling past anime girls and laser focussing on that one girl who we've seen a thousand times already. AND I'D DO IT A THOUSAND TIMES AGAIN.

turtle22767's avatar

I'm excited for hilda

Speedstreak2017's avatar

I can't wait for Nico Robin and Serleena. Are you going to do a continuation with the Nami Sequence as well as doing a Boa Hancock one?

billdilly2310's avatar
The pokemon one for sure
Largebboi124's avatar


SaySmashBros's avatar

I am mostly excited for cythina and Hilda one along with Serleena. Others as well.

notreallyme69's avatar
Thank you for finally blessing us with my waifu
notreallyme69's avatar
There are so little works of robin so I’m excited
theonetruemetallix's avatar

I see RWBY I become interested

Finndragon92's avatar

Sarleena as butterball?


Dragonage3ftw's avatar



jerichojim's avatar

Its always good news to see chubby and pregnant Ryuko art ^¬^

flemgodd998877's avatar
Ooooooo these look like they gonna be amazing like always 😊
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