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I Would Just Like To Say...

With heavy emphasis on "BIG".

I don't do this very often but I would like to say thank you to all my watchers, both new and old.
(and even to those who don't watch and still leave comments or just enjoy my artwork)

I may not have the time I used to and I know this type of art isn't for the majority of people; but I appreciate all the feedback I receive from everyone.

So once again thank you and enjoy this picture of Ember and Cinder.
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your welcome you fat ass monster of lard :)

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She looks nice
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Cute demon and beautiful belly

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what's this?! ember gal? has...has she gone gyaru!
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What does her shirt say
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Have you got any advice for people try to improve there art skill like myself

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There are millions of better artists than me. My advice would be to draw from life, draws with shapes and to try and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

How far would a Tutorial, get me? I'm just learning to draw certain things before putting them in different angles.

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If you're just starting to draw I would suggest basic tutorials on proper pen and pencil gripes, various warm up routines and other stuff like that.

Also what's a Proper Pen/ Pencil Gripe? I've seen titles like that on Pluage but don't actually know what it means.

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I would highly recommend Proko's youtube for stuff like that as a starting point. Same for exercises with your other comment.

If I'm being hones... I don't know where to start anymore, everything on the channel feels so scattered, I don't know about what body part would be the best or most standard to go for...

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So it's like exercise? Also for the start I've just been mainly learning how to draw certain things just to give me a feel for how to do it.

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Can I give you a big belly rub for the art
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This is too adorable. =3
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Thanks Starkiller :3c
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You're welcome. =3 This is an amazing piece. I hope you have success with all of your art. =3 <3
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Robin:you are welcome :happybounce: 
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Is that an Oni?
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She's more of a western demon, but pretty close none the less.
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