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Harley and Ivy's Growing Relationship

By Metalforever
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With heavy emphasis on "growing" O:

Hey everyone, here is August's 1st place winner Poison Ivy plumping up to near immobility!

For this sequence I wanted Harley Quinn to be the architect to Ivy's weight gain, secretly fattening her up for her own pleasure with Ivy not really noticing until the end (And ultimately enjoying it). On top of feeding Ivy they would both mutually gain, with Harley getting noticeably fat and Ivy getting super fat. Personally I think the second and fifth panels are my favorite. Panel four's pose was referenced from a screen cap of the show and the sixth panel inspired by my Kobayashi butterball sketch from last year.

Up on Patreon there is a sweaty version, with Ivy getting sweaty and then sweatier in panels five and six respectively. That will be posted here at a later date. In addition to that there is an isolated fat Harley from the last panel which I will be posting in scraps here too.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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It is ridiculous how sexually aroused I am by this being a 240 lb guy who likes em fat like that.

RadicalBatman's avatar
Batman:Holy Mother of Josehp😍
memekimg's avatar

Sex for these two is going to be interesting.....

Metalforever's avatar

I imagine there is tons of eating in bed.

memekimg's avatar

I hope they're happy

Metalforever's avatar

They are very happy.

RIO1996steam's avatar

I can see batman watching them from somewhere, taking notes on how this could be a "pacification method" to keep them from doing crime should he help keep them busy by making sure the local stores don't run out of food.

Metalforever's avatar

It certainly is easier to fatten up super villains than fight them :3c

fatlina's avatar

wonderful sequence! love the dialogue between the two characters. :D

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks and glad to hear fatlina :3

TFMTMTE's avatar

Thats a whooole lot of plant!

That pudgy Harley is freaking cute too!

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks TFMTMTE :3

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Maybe you can help me, I thought you did this but it may be someone else: I'm looking for a comic that I swear was by you where a lady in a santa Claus suit grows every time she says Ho, her hair turning white and her gaining a big preggo looking belly. At the same time, her boyfriend shrinks into a big titty elf.
Metalforever's avatar

I have no clue what comic you're talking about, sorry.

TransformationsRUs's avatar
I ended up finding it. It was an old Maxman comic. Sorry for disturbing you.
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is a great relationship

skullcrucher's avatar

This is one of the best one of all time. I really hope to see more women become fat that I know and like.

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks skullcrucher

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I wish i could favorite this post twice, that's how much i like it.
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