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CM: Fire Emblem Fattening

Commission for :icontaku-the-wanderer: Thanks a bunch for commissioning me dude! 

Here we have Lucina and Tharja from Fire Emblem, both sporting an excess of succulent, supple, and soft body mass. Lucina more so than Tharja, with her awaiting Tharja's weight loss hex to take effect.

How long she has to...weight... is unknown, maybe Tharja didn't even really cast it for all we know!
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The look on her face is just adorable.

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Thanks El-Jorro :3

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I love sexy belly fat Immobile
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Can anyone please explain how this concept is sexy. Having such a huge tummy.

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I can't explain it, but I like it. I assume that's because round and soft are associated with femininity, and it's like some kind of large third boob, in a way.

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This takes me back to the days of Sumia's pies.

i love a big Lucina

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Large Lucinas make the world go around.
get the forklift lol love especially Tharja's pose. :)
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Thank you fatlina, I was quite happy with it. Though I feel like it could still use improvement.
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I don´t mind it either!

All the best,

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Knowing Tharja, she never cast it xD
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By the look on her face, I'd say she didn't cast it and is just enjoying watching Lucina grow into a bodacious, immobile hottie who's look forward into getting her belly hugged and used as a bed any minute now.
And now I main Lucina
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Tharja <3 

Lovely piece, mate.~ 
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