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Amazon's Active Meal

By Metalforever
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Here is one of the gifs I alluded to in September's preview. I initially made them back in early August and cleaned up later. As for the second gif I'll post that one in scraps due to how much rougher it is.

I posed this question to my patrons and I'll ask it here too "I'm interested in your feedback on these. Would these be something you guys would want to see more of in the future? Maybe even more polished ones with some basic cell shading? Personally I'm interested in doing more in the distant future after I finish the current batch of commissions and I'm curious about your guys thoughts on it."

While it is implied that the gif is vore, you could interpret it as pregnancy with having very active and strong young ones.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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SwagsakeAizen's avatar

She finally got back at the Elf it seems, or she just had enough of the Sorceress.

AlphaBetaCappa's avatar

I would love to see more of these!

ImpactGoemon's avatar

Wish I could be inside that belly of hers. Beautiful!

Metalforever's avatar

But it's so warm and tight!

sandro102's avatar

very nice, once ur done with the commisions id like 2 see more of this!

Zalamander16's avatar

Yes, more of these would be incredible! Please do more!

MelancholyClownD's avatar

Very awesome gif! That meal is gonna go straight to her booty. ;)

Metalforever's avatar

As it should :3 she's got one of the best out there for a reason.

sirauron95's avatar

Always love the active belly gifs

animepregolover's avatar

I’ve been missing your old sequence gifs you used to do so any opportunity to see animations is a definite yes!

NotHere098's avatar

If your talking about animations, well then yes of course more of that!

Metalforever's avatar
pikaCOOL360's avatar

Vore or pregnancy, this looks great!

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks pikaCOOL :3

sparkmage64's avatar

I'd like to see more of this. Interested in the angles you'll do and see ember's tummy come to life.

JamSharp23g's avatar

Doesn't the Fortnite skin Malice look like Ember your OC when I first saw this skin I thought that Epic knows you and your OC

Ember OC you and Credit for Malice image is BlueJet95

Ember 2014 Deviantart Id By Metalforever D7sd7g3
Fortnite Malice Demon Skin Phone Drawing By Blujet
Metalforever's avatar

I'm afraid I don't see the resemblance. I didn't invent the concept of a girl with red skin.

JamSharp23g's avatar

Oh okay it was just a thought, still every time I see the Malice skin it reminds me of ember: Red Skin and hot bod

Placeholder22's avatar

Abso-positiv-a-lutely, I'd love to see more of these animated GIFs after you finish up your commissions! The fact you are personally interested in creating more makes me curious to see what you could end up sharing. Her pose, her bouncy plumpness, the buttery smooth movement inside her gut, this looks fantastic and I'm sure whatever might come out in the future would look even better with a little more of that magic touch!

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks Placeholder and we'll just have to see :3

SelenaBellyPlay's avatar

The bounce animation is so great! Congrats! :heart:

Metalforever's avatar
39thOddLusus's avatar

Oooh my! I would personally quite like to see more animations from you in the future! Big bellies bouncing are a wonderful thing.

anonymous's avatar
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