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Alexis' Wardrobe Malfunction

April's 4th place winner is here! Alexis Rhodes stuffing her face until her belt snaps and button pops, take cover!

Up on Patreon there is a pregnancy alt featuring some pickles in her ice cream and an outie navel, as usual it will be posted here later :3


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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Bluegirl123456's avatar
Too much ice cream
KuriMaster13's avatar
Oh, there can never be too much... Though it may help a bit if she sits and gives it time to digest. Redistribute that weight to a few other places.
CultistOfBalldee's avatar

How does all the fat go to her abdomen without any of it accumulating in her face, upper arms, or thighs? This is beyond science, my dude.

PeppyMartian's avatar

there is actually an explanation. that isn't fat that has accumulated over time, it's the aftermath of eating so much ice-cream at once, that it forms a giant clump, which sits in the stomach, and protrudes through the abdomen. While that wouldn't be possible in real life physically, at least there is a logical reason for the weight distribution.

DeathTheKid89's avatar

Very nice! ^^ She must have eaten a whole lot of ice cream to get that big! :nod:

Metalforever's avatar

Yeah! Tons and tons of it.

DeathTheKid89's avatar

love her shocked facial expression. awesome pic!

Metalforever's avatar

Thanks fatlina :3 surprised expressions are great, aren't they?

yeetmaster007's avatar

Metal, how do you come up w such good content? Impressed me every time!

Metalforever's avatar

Idk, I just draw what folks want x3

Pacci-d's avatar
There are so many perfect things about this piece that I don't know where to start! How about just "everything"? Excellent work!

This is probably my favorite piece of Alexis fanart now :D

Adding pickles to the pregnant version is a very cute idea too!
Metalforever's avatar

Awww, thanks Pacci-d!

Skwair-GBMKIII's avatar
I'm normally not a fan of these kinds of proportions, but I gotta say, I'd hella rest my head on that...
yeetmaster007's avatar

I’d jump on that 100%😩👌

master-chief3's avatar


hit the deck

AlexandertheHedgeho8's avatar

Next thing you know, Jaiden walks in at the wrong time

Go-Tee's avatar

All I remember about Alexis is one episode where Jaiden's friend was tricked into thinking one of the girls's had a crush on him, so when he showed up at their dorm she and her friends had to sit on him to hide him from the teacher.

I feel like that would have ended a very differently if that had happened just after this pic.

Metalforever's avatar

I can only image! xp

Yourawizzardboi's avatar

I feel like there is an alternative version of this

Metalforever's avatar

There is, a pregnant outie belly button version with pickles in her icecream. I mention it in the description.

Yourawizzardboi's avatar

I wish I won now I'm sad

Dragonillustrations's avatar

This’ll definitely boost her life points

even if it does break the rules-

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