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A Jill Buffet

By Metalforever
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April's second place is winner is here! Jill Valentine from the new Resident Evil 3 remake stuffing her face full of junk food. At this point she's no longer a Jill sandwich, she's more of a Jill buffet. Is this the results of her becoming infected before she's cured? Too much running and dodging Nemesis? I'll let you decide.

There is a simple pregnancy alternative version up on Patreon that I'll be posting here later. You can maybe imagine that Jill's appetite is insatiable due to her condition.


Thank you to my patrons for their support and making this possible!

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when will the pregnancy version of this be uploaded?

Metalforever's avatar

In the coming week or so. It'll be in my scraps.

QQ1000's avatar

Ah i see hope ill get to see it soon

lennyf's avatar

Another one like these with April O'neil in the yellow jumpsuit would be awesome!

Sisterlocation4's avatar

I wanna make a story out of this

Metalforever's avatar

Go right ahead xp

Sisterlocation4's avatar

It is done, m'lord.

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DeathTheKid89's avatar

This is a great pic! :D

Metalforever's avatar
DeathTheKid89's avatar

You're welcome! ^^

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I must say, Jill looks incredible here! I really like her enormous belly, and her facial expression at the end is super cute!
yeetmaster007's avatar

See, now I want a girl who can eat like that...

JustARandomBoi's avatar
If she grows a bit more then even G5 Birkin won't be able to absorb her!!
IamDoomSlayer's avatar

Maybe she's immune but her cravings are still present; so instead of eating off the flesh of people, she's eating like, I would say like anyone else, but she finds herself to be a big eater to satisfy her belly and eventually becoming a bbw, maybe even a hot one at that

QQ1000's avatar

Very nice Sequence Artwork, Btw i Love Jill's Expression in the 4th Panel

TFMTMTE's avatar

All you can eat?

I think not!

JamSharp23g's avatar

Do you think that Deviantart will ever go back to it's former glory

MissMuffinTop's avatar

Jill is such a mood

Metalforever's avatar

A spicy, strong mood.

borutovoltage's avatar
If she gets big enough all the mutants will just think she's Dr. Birkin or an Umbrella failee excitement. Not that I wouldn't mind.
borutovoltage's avatar
Austin7Hearts's avatar

Nice work on this.

Go-Tee's avatar

Who'd have guessed the effects of the T-Virus would line up perfectly with my fetish?

We should probably leave before people start looking like food.

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