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Artemis (Cynthia) REQUESTED

Artemis on another cosplay, This time from Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. The problem is she dosen't have a copy of this custome, so how did she got it? :3 (Requested by :iconhorrior: )

For the Draw it self:
Ok now I am happy on how it ended, wanted to test a new type of shadding and it end up been good. (HORRIOR if you want a more anime style of shadding tell me to upload it too.) <A<

If I spell something wrong please notice me, I will try to fix it the momment I see the message. Any suggestion, tip, comment, critic or just a small talk are greatly accepted no matter what.
Hope you enjoy seeing/reading this and have a great day. :)
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Rly nice done, looks awsome^^
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Its perfect ^^! And it really does look like she stole the outfit off the champion herself XD I was bit suspicious when she told me her clothes had disappeared after shower ;)

Would you be interested in doing other cosplays, in order to better your art or to challenge yourself?
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Planning on making more on the future. But right now I want to focus on blaze and another new pokemon. XD
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I like this, it's very well done.
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sell her for me qnq
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NEVA!! Arthemis has been on my team seens that save Q(QAQ )
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so you start the war! take your weapon >:c
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Artemis protect me QAQ
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*hugs her* mine >w<
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Artemis: Q//A//Q (faints)
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