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Dragon calendar 2010 by Dragarta

Finally, you can buy our limited edition Dragon Calendar! It is for $22 including shipping! See here.

Direct link:

My contribution to the calendar is this pic for August:
Augustus by MetalDragoness
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If you are or will be by any chance in Prague, I would like to invite you to our first ( Dragon Exhibition! It will take place on 4-5th April in Prague 3 - Žižkov, Bořivojova street. Let me know for more info ;o]


A ted cesky, abyste se nemohli vymlouvat, ze ste nerozumeli ;oP
Timto vas zvu na prvni a jedinecnou akci - vystavu draku ;o) Muzete ji navstivit jedine v Praze na Zizkove a to na adrese Bořivojova 73. Vice informaci najdete primo u nas:

Tesim se na vasi navstevu ;o]
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Not dead yet + letter T

Sat Nov 22, 2008, 1:27 PM

It's such a long time since I wrote my last journal... And what's new? Umm... not much as you can see - the same metal ass is still shining at you :P
Well I'm too busy last months... working-studying-working-... And I'm a bit worried about some programming shit I have to do to school ... Oh how I hate programming! I really feel like I don't belong there... But it's my problem and I have to face it.
Still I hope I'll survive this term...

Some time ago, I've received a letter T to make 'a list of 10 things I like' on commenting Fey-rine's journal. So, here it is:

>> Terenas
>> Transformer boots
>> (Metal Dragon)Tail
>> (Steam) Trains
>> Tyrannosaurids
>> Thunderbird
>> TNT
>> Tatra
>> Telecommunications
>> The End (I've run out of ideas :D)

If you wish to do the same, write me a comment and I'll assign you your letter ;o]

... the full CSS version journal may come next time.... or neverrr ... ;oDD
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Metal Journal ,o]

Sun May 11, 2008, 10:06 AM
How's the Metal?

I feel like posting some journal but I'm not sure what to write ;o]

So first of all, I'm trying hard to draw everything that I have in plan for soooo long. I've done my first commission for Dragarta (in exchange for my dA subscription) and also FINALLY after more than a year I've drawn a pic to her memory book ;o] But it's only a small fraction of all pics I have to draw... so patience, my watchers, there WILL be more to come ];o> yes, there will .... as long as I have some spare time...

And when talking about time, this is probably my last quite "free" weekend for the following two months... School exams are coming and I have to take them seriously...

... so errmm hope to see you soon and wish me good luck O;o]

Ummm I still didn't have time to figure out how to change the overall layout using CSS ;o]
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  • Drinking: blood of my enemies ];o>
I've said this a few days ago. And now, someone did it!!! Someone had the courage to challenge my nerves!!!!!!!

Well, everything is ok now ;o] We've come to an agreement ;)

Ok, I've changed the killing title, but that does not mean, that i'll tolerate that...
I don't like those "chain mails" or how to call all these tags and stuff... but since I was tagged by one of my dragon friends, I'll try to answer those questions (fortunately there's only eight of them ;p)

The One who did it ];o>

  • You have to post the rules
  • Every person who was tagged has to write eight things about themselves
  • You have to write them in your journal
  • After that, tag some people
  • And go to that persons page and tell them about it

  1. I'm a MetalDragoness with black-violet metallic skin and metal plates, horns, spikes, teeth, claws and tail ;o]
  2. Surprisingly, Metal and Dragons are my life
  3. I use a nickname Kitty mostly. It does not sound as a dragon name but everyone is used to call me that way and I cannot do anything about that :D
  4. Yes, I like cats. And I finally have one! He came to our house by himself and stayed with us ;o] Oh and he's black :D
  5. I'm soooo slow and lazy .. especially when it goes to drawing O;o]
  6. I'm "confident" in drawing dragons, I cannot draw backgrounds and I have quite a problem with colours
  7. I have an obsession for high boots on high platforms ];o>
  8. I don't need any of a chocolate, I'm a carnivore ;P

If you are interested, feel free to tag yourself ;o]
I'm not going to force anyone to do so...

Yes, I've tried CSS ;o] it works well, but I wonder how to change the overall layout of the journal? Where to put that main div or what is the class/id of the main heading, border etc.?? I did not find that and I'm too lazy to search for a tutorial :D
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  • Drinking: blood of my enemies ];o>
okok ... I was thinking about an offer of some Dragon pic to anyone, who would be so kind to pay me a subscription O;o] If you are interested, please send me a note.
I know that I'm not any of those great dragon artists, but I wanted to try this offer as an experiment ... I can draw any sort of dragon for you (I hope) either by pencil or ink.... (ink may be with some colored pencils added if you wish) ... see my gallery for references ...
*is curious whether there will be any reply*

oO.o That was FAST!!!! O.oO

an enormous THANK YOU goes to :icondragarta:

and I am ready to fulfill my part :D
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  • Reading: Vodafone press releases O.o
  • Watching: 24/7 ;o]
  • Eating: I'm STARVING!!! (as usual)
  • Drinking: blood of my enemies ];o>
mheh .... yeah .... it seems like I'm still here ;) the good OLD Metal Dragoness is back and she is VERY hungry as always MWHAHAHAHWHAHAHA ....

and if anyone cares about my "art" .... heh I've got a few ideas .... but as always - not much time and ... for some unidentified reason I'm not able to draw a normal dragon figure at the moment :/ ... I need some time probably...
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