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Visualizer v1.20 [MOVED]

I've  been working on a website to host my skins now so you can find this one and new ones over at

Still got lots to add so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!

Josh 23/02/2015



Visualizer v1.2 is out!

-More styles to choose from- 100! :D

-New fancier menu! OooooooooooooOOOooooo

-New Time Mode that cycles slowly through the colours. The speed of this cycle is controlled by the colour speeds located in the menu, scroll over these to change them. Lower is faster and will cause large CPU usage if set lower than 3. When the skin is refreshed the colour cycle will revert to black but will fade through slowly.

-New preset menu allowing you save and load 10 different custom styles. Sometimes the preset saving can be troublesome so refresh the skin if you can't load a preset properly.

-New size buttons so the gap between the bars can be extended

<------ This will be my last update for a while as i'm focusing on other projects currently so lemme know what you think of it, but there won't be any fixes or updates anytime soon. ---------->

Hope you enjoy it!

MetalCactuar 12/12/2014



-Newer and fancier customize menu so you can customize the colours and that.

-Now 70! Styles to choose from, baaaare loads.

-New early access style available for donators! Contact me via to register your interest :D

-All styles of the visualizer can be customized :D Thank you ImageTint=

-Multiple sizes can be accessed from the Custom Skin Menu (right click it)

-Full usage tutorial here->…


MetalCactuar 21/10/2014



-Customize menu so you can change the colours and that. How'd ya like dem apples?

-All styles of the visualizer can be customized :D Thank you ImageTint=

-Big version added

-Next update will be new styles and more sizes :) Lemme know what you wanna see next.

-Full usage tutorial here->…


MetalCactuar 17/09/2014


...Saw a release about a new plugin from David Grace which uses your audio device and performs analysis on it...So i HAD to make this skin :D

Make sure you use the latest beta of Rainmeter otherwise this skin will do nothing :/

Feel free to tell me what to add next/ what design you'd like to see.

Ask questions if you need help or just general rainmeter business :D


MetalCactuar 11/09/2014
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how to download it?
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Hello there!

I have moved my skins to my personal website which is located here->

You can download it there :)

Hope you like it and keep your eyes peeled on the site for more updates soon!
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Thanks for your kind words :)

I'm currently working on some new features for my Orbit visualizer skin so keep your eyes peeled on…

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Works okay with the output: speakers, however if I change the audio output to my digital output it doesn't work anymore. 
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Just right click the skin and click refresh and it should work fine :)
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It's related with the sound levels, I have to set the output a little high to work. The thing is I like to listen to my music on a low volume :(
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Ahh i see, you can change the sensitivity in the skin file. If you right click on the skin and go 'edit skin' find the line that says sensitivity= and reduce (or increase i can't remember atm haha) this value. Save a refresh to see your changes and hopefully it should solve your problem :D
This looks great! The only problem I'm having with it is the size (height & width) of the skin. In my case, I really like how skin 17 visually fits snug in with the rest of my layout, but the empty area is still taking up real estate (making it difficult to edit other skins adjacent to it. For instance, i want to put the music control panel i use just to the right of it, but the visualizer skin make the panel unselectable. If I want to put it in the top right corner of my desktop, it always snaps a third of the way down my screen instead of fitting flush in the corner. I don't know how to go about shrinking the size to match the visual I like so much!

Edit: Figured out clickthrough issue, but not the top-corner issue.
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Hi there!

Could you link a print screen of the problem you are having?

Glad you like it though :)
Hey man,
this skin is great and i loved it until recently it just broke for some reason.

It doesnt show any music / sound played anymore :(

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Hey man,
this skin is great and i loved it until recently it just broke for some reason.

It doesnt show any music / sound played anymore :(

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Hmmm not sure, could you post a screenshot of the log of rainmeter so i can take a look?

If you don't know how to get there, right click any Rainmeter skin, then select the 'Rainmeter' option then select 'About'. That will be the log so you should see errors if it isn't work properly.

(Sorry about the slow reply, got a few other projects in the works :D)
Absolutely loving this. 
Only problem for me is that when I try to save a preset with the color I want (purple) and save it as default, it says ''Saved!'' However, when I refresh it the style of the bars stays the same, but the color changes. Any way to fix this?
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Yeah sorry i noticed this bug a little while a go :/ I've already fixed this and it will go in the next version.

Sorry this slipped into this release. I may repackage and reupload with the functional saving but i'm currently working on another project :)

Thanks for commenting though :D
No rush man, still works pretty damn well!

Also, thanks for the quick comment, you're cool. 

Interested in your new project :D
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I'll be releasing details of my new project soon :D
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I tried installing the rmskin file and it bugged out my entire rainmeter, had to uninstall everything including my settings :/
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Really? That sucks :/ Dunno how that must've happened. Have you tried installing the newest version and trying again?
When I downloaded this, I didnt think it was working because the menu didnt work, but then when I unloaded it, it leaves this ugly "residue" (random glitching) of the image in skin.   Do you know how I would fix this? I have a video turned into a gif to show it
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Not quite sure why it did that :/ The skin is set to have a high update rate so that may have caused this. Never seen this happen before though. Did you manage to figure out anything?
Hey is there any way to disable the "click to show menu" option that shows up everytime you hover over the bars?
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