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Plainx VS for Windows 10



This is a new visual style for Windows 10 that comes to be a rework of my old theme Maestix VS, I hope you like it.

Special thanks to that let me take his Vertex Theme as a base.

Only for Windows 10 november update

You need to patch for custom themes as explain cu88 here:…

Wallpaper: its a mod of a wallpaper that cant find right now (have it since a few years)

Update 1.1: fixed some colors, adjust some shadows and apply round corners :)
Update 1.2: round progress bars :)
Update 2.0: added white version, enjoy :)
Update 2.1: added a darker version with some contrast  ^^
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I've tried it with newest Windows 11 Update. It crashes my PC. But i could fixed it. 😂😂

But it looks very nice. :)