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Neat X Theme

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NEATX VS a shadow in the shining city...

       Support for Windows 10 (1703,1709,1803, 1809,1903, 1909)

       * If you find any kind of bug report it and I try to fix it as soon as I can :)

Update 1.01: Fix some inconsistencies; Added darker scrollbars
Update 1.02: Reworked start menu and taskbar for Startisback++ users

Update 1.10: Support for Dark Mode (there are some minor visual bugs that need to fix but overall works really well) and Windows 10 May Update 1903

Update 1.11: Fix some colors, Added a new start orb that suits better with the theme :P

Update 1.12: Small update, added a new preview image. Probably some improvements will be made for the theme in the next weeks :)


- To patch Windows (Remember to make a system restore point just in case) you just need to patch the system files with www.syssel.net/hoefs/software_…
- Put the files in Windows/Resources/Themes and apply from Windows Personaliz

You have this guide from my bro Niivu also :) www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/G…

- To change folders in the left side panel you need to use winaero tweaker: winaero.com/comment.php?commen…

- To remove ribbon: www.msfn.org/board/topic/17037…

- If you get the task panel at bottom, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it

- To remove some icons in the address bar you need to use this from Niivu (original of Jamie aka Neiio (rip))


You also can have access to a lot of iconpacks in niivu´s deviantart page (maybe I do a proper iconpack in the future for this release :P)

If you use Firefox you can also grab this skin www.deviantart.com/metalbone19…

If you like it put it on Favs! And a comment is always welcome :)

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ive used so many themes on my windows 10 but none could change my menu bar icons..is there any way to solve that??..( i use cracked windows)

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Where do I find the option control preview?

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Is it working well at 20H2?

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Pretty rad but my NeatX has different minimize/maximize/close buttons and they don't match the FF theme...

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Beautiful... Works on Windows 10 2004 well.

Thanks a lot for this theme :nod:

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Great work, I'm loving the theme! But is there any way to enable the blinking taskbar notification (like when I receive a message) or something similar?

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I was recently forced to update from my old theme (thanks windows >.>) and found this one as a replacement. It's a great theme and I really like that it's actually dark and not some shade of light/medium gray, however I do have a couple of "grips" (if you can call them that): the text size is pretty small for my taste and the selected/highlight color is a bit hard to distinguish for me.

If there's a way I could edit these things myself, please let me know! Either way, my photophobia says thanks for making and sharing this!

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Well done! Thanks

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All Right Then...Danka

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Any way to remove the Start menu icon? Using translucent taskbar rainmeter plugin and it yields this https://prnt.sc/tgyaam

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Hey I love this theme but is there a way to apply the theme to everything except the taskbar?

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I love this theme, but when I put my computer into sleep or hibernate mode the colors of the letters change and so do some backgrounds.

for example the background of the notebook turns white. but it's still a very good theme. (sorry for my bad English) (i have used it for a long time)

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Hey I'm having some issues. Cloud you perhaps message me on discord? sleepy#7888

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Seems to totally work on Windows 10 2004. 

Not sure if I ever commented on this theme but its my favorite dark and minimal vs and I've been using it for a long time, great work!
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Thanks!!! Glad to know that works on 2004 :)
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I have a problem with context menus, text is dark on dark background.


And this with top bar in task manager




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Hey, i used this theme and my microsoft word turn to this

anyone know how to fix it ?

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I have the same problem with excel. Does anyone have any solution for this?

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There's an issue with the theme and the shut down dialogue. Any hopes of fixing it perhaps?

2020-01-16 03h25 21
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Metalbone1988 This is to address the issue where, when waking the system from a hibernation or a sleep mode some things return back to being white. I saw a fix for it but that caused other issues/inconsistencies with the theme. I saw that applying the theme again fixed that easily.

So instead, I created a task schedule profile for it. Which switches/applies the theme again fixing any and all the whiteness that appears after waking the system while the theme is in use.

There are some caveats though. Without the use of 3rd party apps it's impossible to do it seamlessly. Via cmd, it causes slight screen flickering/flashes for a couple of seconds, of the cmd window. And that, switching it with cmd automatically opens the personalize system setting page. I included another action in the same task that closes it though, but it will close any of the other settings pages (as far as I could see, only one systemsettings.exe process and page could be alive, and if there's already an instance of it, it'll switch to the personalize page)

I have included 2 versions. "NeatX Hibernate Fix", works using cmd, if you can bear the flashes and don't want to use any 3rd party software. The second version "NeatX Hibernate Fix_TS" uses ThemeSwitcher from winaero. https://winaero.com/blog/change-windows-10-theme-from-the-command-prompt/

Just put it inside C:\Windows [Win+R -> %WinDir% -> Enter] or wherever the windows is installed at.

Here they are: https://d.kuku.lu/a38f32f41

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