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MINIM VS a light in the dark sky...

       Support for (1703,1709,1803, 1809)

Update 3.1: Fixed Menu Text
Update 3.0: Rework to make it more confortable for eyes   

  • To pick your titlebar color:    Right Click on Desktop > Customize > Color > Select the one you want and make sure "Emphasis color in titlebars" is active
  • If you have StartisBack you can have colored taskbar (make sure "Emphasis color in titlebars" is active for highlight taskbar

- To patch Creators Update (Remember to make a system restore point just in case) you just need to patch the system files with…
- Put the files in Windows/Resources/Themes and apply from Windows Personalize

- To change folders in the leftside pannel you need to use winaero tweaker:…

- To remove ribbon:…

- If you get the task panel at bottom, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it

- The icons and to remove some icons in the address bar you need to use this two things from Niivu (original of Jamie aka Neiio (rip))


If you like it put it on Favs! And a comment is always welcome :)

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I recently downgraded to 1803 to use the animated cursors and none of the theme are working on my explorer...

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Does anyone try this on 1909?

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Nice looking theme. 😎👍

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Loved this and really hope you'll update it for 1903. Will try Neat X in the meantime.
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please update it to 1903
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Hey mate. 

The file (this and in the light version) are empty. Could you check it, please?
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You mean in the .rar? I download it and extract it and there are files
burnsplayguitar's avatar

I'm getting a empty file error. (tryed a lot of times)
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That´s weird, I download it in like 3 different pc´s and success with all of them
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And strange is that happens only to the files I download from you. 
maybe is something about my winRar version or something like that. 
Metalbone1988's avatar
mmmm maybe, don´t know
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Got it. 

It was about my winrar version. A update soved =)
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hehe ^^ glad u solved it!!
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Anyway, thanks mate ;)
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Damn. just tryed again and nothing Angry emoticon 
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Hi, How come the "Close, Maximize and Minimize" buttons did not change after I apply the theme?

The theme looks great tho!

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Looks really cool mate

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how to make a folders in the left side of explorer like that?
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If you read the description:

- To change folders in the leftside pannel you need to use winaero tweaker:…
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I'm so sorry, my bad.
thanks anyway
Possible to just use icons only?
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Not sure if you want the Icon Pack. If so, I guess this is what you are asking for:

arc-neutral iPacks by niivu

EDIT: Just noticed they are in the theme description. My bad. =/
Is Blankit supposed to remove the icon on the left side of the address bar?
The icon is not visible, but I think just partially hidden. Some icons "stick out" a bit into the address bar, and it doesn't look good.
I've tried oldNewExplorer to remove the ribbon, but it shows the command bar when I only want it to remove the ribbon and up button... how do I fix this?
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