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     Support Fall creators Update 1709, Creators Update 1703 and Anniversary Update 1607

            *Use files of Creators Update for Fall Creators

This one took its time... if you like it add it to Favs :) 

Update 1.1: Fixed some visuals, Added support for Anniversary Update, added alt captions version and dark version, added mouseover effects on captions.
Update 1.2: Add superior round edges and fix captions (+1px to the diameter) height and position

- To patch Creators Update (Remember to make a system restore point just in case) you just need to patch the system files with…
- Put the files in Windows/Resources/Themes and apply from Windows Personalize

- To change folders in the rightside pannel you need to use winaero tweaker:…
- To remove ribbon:…

I recommend to use Startisback as a replace start menu
I recommend to install… to get previews of files like jpg, png, pdf, dwg... and select in folder options "Always show icons and never thumbnails"
If you get the task panel at bottom, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it

The icons and to remove some icons in the address bar you need to use this two things from Jamie aka Neiio (rip)……
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how do i change window 10 window icon.