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KENDI VS match your taste

    * To pick your titlebar color:    Right Click on Desktop > Color > Select the one you want and make sure "Emphasis color in titlebars" is active
    * If you have StartisBack you can have colored taskbar (make sure 
"Emphasis color in titlebars" is active for highlight taskbar

     Support Fall creators Update 1709, Creators Update 1703 and Anniversary Update 1607

            *Use files of Creators Update for Fall Creators

Update 1.1 - Huuuuge Update Ready! A lot of new stuff
Update 2.0: Added a No Logo Version as requested by many users, enjoy it :) (the .rar comes with 2 folders; one without the logo and one with the logo)
Update 2.1: Fixed an issue when select color the windows explorer doesn´t recognize the exact color and result in another one.

Update 2.2: Added a Grey Special Version

- To patch Creators Update (Remember to make a system restore point just in case) you just need to patch the system files with…
- Put the files in Windows/Resources/Themes and apply from Windows Personalize

- To change folders in the rightside pannel you need to use winaero tweaker:…

- To remove ribbon:…

- If you get the task panel at bottom, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it

- The icons and to remove some icons in the address bar you need to use this two things from Jamie aka Neiio (rip)


If you like it put it on Favs! And a comment is always welcome :)

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will it work with 1909?

ClownJrr's avatar
can it work in 2019? win 7
please we need 1809 support. thks for your work
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Alguna posibilidad de que sea actualizado para 1803/1809?
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Looks Great Man! When there will be for 1809?
What a beautiful theme! Would it support 1803 update? :)
Does it work with version 1803?
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Archive is corrupt can't open with Winrar.
Metalbone1988's avatar
Probably you download it bad or something, try redownload
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Are you really sure that this works on Fall Creators? I had another theme like that, but it killed my PC. I luckily made a restore point last night but still.
Capture by Serafin0  
Great theme!
But as you can see above, the search box does not have this small space between the search box and the border.
Way to fix?
Please update to windows 10 fall creators update rs3, thank you.
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oh my god!!!!!
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404 on the dl rip

EDIT: works fine I am dumb :^)
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Works here... If at some time that occurs probably deviantart servers or something like that
dustkt's avatar
yeah I take that back, I am however having some issues with explorer frame address bar metrics, the end of the search field is literally pressed right up against the windows edge, any way to fix this? also a strange issue where inactive windows leave a 1px line uncolored fully transparent line at the top, just before the shadow starts.

Heck by dustkt  
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sorry for the spam, I resolved the search positioning issue, but the issue with the 1px in the titlebar still remains
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i'm having the same problem with the search bar. could you share your solution to this problem?
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oh I really don't remember but I think it was a setting in oldnewexplorer or something!

I'm sorry for the vague answer but that's all I recall it being related to
Chef-of-KH's avatar
Ok, thanks for helping with finding the solution. The 'Enable glass on navigation bar' option has to be turned off.
dustkt's avatar
ah, yeah that's the one!

sorry it took so long to reply, I've been a bit AFK
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Relax man. Windows 10 spy crap forever alpha-version OS
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