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     Support Fall creators Update 1709, Creators Update 1703 and Anniversary Update 1607

            *Use files of Creators Update for Fall Creators

When nobody recognizes the beauty of Windows as an operating system ... Fusion VS brings back hope...

UPDATE 1.1: Fixed some bugs and added dark context menu
UPDATE 1.2: Added a no gradient version; added gradient separator between treeview and itemview
UPDATE 1.3: Fixed some text colors, more minimal scrollbar and tweak some colors
UPDATE 1.4: Fixed search text color, reduce progressbar height and fix colorization in title bar to match the theme

UPDATE 2.0: Updated for Creators Update (There are two folders, one for Anniversary and one for Creators)
UPDATE 2.1: Conversion to Fusion & Fission; 8 new themes with individual colors, reworked interface to redefine some spaces and tweak some colors.

- To patch Creators Update (Remember to make a system restore point just in case) you just need to patch the system files with…
- Put the files in Windows/Resources/Themes and apply from Windows Personalize

- To change folders in the rightside pannel you need to use winaero tweaker:…
- To remove ribbon:…

I recommend to use Startisback as a replace start menu
I recommend to install… to get previews of files like jpg, png, pdf, dwg... and select in folder options "Always show icons and never thumbnails"
If you get the task panel at bottom, Press Alt+Shift+P to hide it

The icons and to remove some icons in the address bar you need to use this two things from Jamie aka Neiio (rip)……
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Very sad this theme isn't updated, loved it...


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Hi! Any chance for a update to make it compatible with ver.1903? I've tried to update the theme on my own but with no sucess.

Hello guys, realy sorry for this stupid question but i cant find a fix for this. even after googling 2hr. When i oben Microsoft World/Exel etc the backround is black aswell. can i change this?? its realy confusing and disrupting while working. Thanks for your help!
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I might have done something a bit wrong... My finder won't load at all XD And I have no idea what I did. I just might messed up, and I'm not really sure how to fix it. I cant even take a screenshot to share it ! XD Pls help me out
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Is it working for 1809?
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I installed on 1809 and so far I didn't find any issue.
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looks great, thank you
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Only changes the top bar to dark grey and does nothing else.
Hello! I'm new to theming and was wondering if you can help me with this problem? My navigation buttons didn't change. They're still the default window navigation buttons, but darker. I was wondering how I can get them to look like yours? I'm on Windows 1803. :) Thank you!
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I think it´s something with oldnewexplorer my settings are 

Sin ttulo by Metalbone1988

Maybe you have glass on navigation bar enabled?
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I love you man, it worked! Thanks for the awesome theme! By the way, are my folders supposed to be gray, like your 'Arquitectura' folder above?
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I´m using

arc-neutral iPacks by niivu

just download change the extension to exe and install (the one you like, the gray one feels more like the theme :)
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Works with the Spring Creators Update (1803), Just make sure you've updated to ultraUXthemepatcher 3.4.1 (Which has Spring Creators Update support)
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Thanks for pointing out, I had a lot of work and really can´t spend much time on deviantart last months
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Will work with v1803?
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any news on 1803?
Windows 10 with fall (latest) update here. I already had Arc theme installed and working perfectly.

I followed the instruction but now all I have is a black screen with the white mouse cursor.

This is some kind of emergency here. I did create the restore point.

How can I revert?

Please help. Thanks.
This guy saved me:…

And this experience also reminded me not to mess up my pc like a 16 years old boy.


EDIT: also I can confirm that using this Fusion themes on Windows 10 1709 build 16299.64 will mess up your system heavily.
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