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Diversityx VS

For Windows 10 November Update

You need to patch for custom themes as explain cu88 here:…

Just trying something different, hope you like it :)
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its a virus it broke my pc. do NOT install if you have 2004 ver

Noob... it's just not compatible... >8<

Great stuff man

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realy want to see this one updated , i love it !!!

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Would love to see this on Windows 10 1903 19H1
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It's not working on 1809, right? 
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Please update to 1809, great job...
I hope there comes a updates version of this one :)
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love it, and love that you didn't sell your work to cleaodesktop <3
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I would so love if you updated this theme for anniversary.
This is pretty much the windows theme I've always been looking for.
i used this theme on anniversary update and now i am totally stuck on boot any help....
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Using this theme messed up my computer; when I installed it, I booted to a grey screen only to find that rebooting yielded the same effect. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Maybe you´re on aniversary update... and its only for november update
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is there anyway to remove that up one level icon  and the title bar icon ?
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Awesome, m8. Thanks!
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Still really loving the theme. Though, I kinda wish the text color on the sidebar was always white like when it's highlighted. Anyways, beggars can't be choosers.
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Is there anyway to get rid of this horrible bar?
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You are pretty much the greatest. THANK YOU.
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Nice theme, thank you. :D
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