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That'll Be the Day



- not technically an action figure BUT WHO'S COUNTING?

..counting what?

It doesn't matter anyway - of course no disrespect to the inspirational pop icons depicted. There's nothing fun about plane crashes. Or Space Goblins.

I saw a Space Goblin - not hiding in my garden but crouching there. Didn't question its motives, I'm not that kind of guy - plus the next day it'd moved off so I didn't let it trouble me.

The point is the experience wasn't fun, so I assume Space Goblins aren't - does that make me prejudiced? No - it just means I find situations like that awkward at best and erotic at worst. Not hugely erotic obviously - some people get their kicks from Space Goblins I just don't I'm sorry my milkshake isn't buttered that way.

It does however bring all the Space Goblins to my yard, which means that it's;

A - Better than yours
B - Unteachable, techniquewise, unless you paid me a fee

The long and short of it is that The Day The Music Died can be yours to enact whenever you want in the safety of your own Space Goblin-free garden or outdoor pleasure square.

That's it - I can't believe you read this whole thing and I hope you got something out of it. Apart from mania and gardenenvy obviously.
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That I die, well u give me all ur love and your a heard of love, all your hugs and kisses and ur money too well I, I know u love me maybe that some day will all be true well that will be the day when I die. I LOVE HIM MORE THEN LIFE ITSELF