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:iconwizardjoe: drew this.

:iconmetal-truncator: coloured it (that's me)

I gather it's a tribute to Lost, The Apprentice and The Mole.

I don't know what The Mole is, I wish I didn't know what The Apprentice is, and I'm beginning to forget what Lost was about. Something to do with submarines.
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I can confirm that the Mole is an ultra cheap-ass pile of shite. Lost and the Apprentice are two other shows I got hooked on despite their shiteness. It's just the three shows I watch whenever I visit my old housemates, so it's kind of a tribute to those evenings of taking the piss out of TV, rather than the shows themselves.

Hell, if I was gonna do a personal tribute, it'd be solely based on Oz Clarke and James May's Ultimate Wine-tasting Awesome Adventures or whatever it's called. Perfection.