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Axe Cop Versus Thor



Inspired by a story by the young :iconfistful-of-cream: which goes something like this

"once upon a time there was a great god called thor he was a mighty warior. Now in the future goblins and orks ruled over every one and he was the peace maker, the dwarfs also helped him to fight them. Thors weapons were, a dager, a sheild, a axe, and a boot with spikes on. One day day the goblins atached but thor was there he charged into battle he killed 1000 goblins all in a row! Next he sliced 10 orks heads clean off and finished the battle by stabing the cheif goblin in the arm now he had finished the battle he yawned and fell asleep. but the enemy were making their plans. Thor woke up up, he was in a cake filled with millions and billions of goblins and orks, there was no way out it was a sort of pit of course he must be in the goblins arctic snow cave it was winter he was freezing. The bitter icey blast was shivering up his bony spine to his head he was paralized compleatly he could not move a tall sudenly there was a blinding flash! And he saw a strange jolly, fat, funny shape that looked like santa claus! "Ho Ho Ho," the shape said, "Merry christmas!" sudenly all the goblins and orks melted, good had once again triumphed over evil.
As they rode into the sunset on pegusus some goblins opened fire with arows but they mised compleatly. "Ho Ho Ho," laughed santa "Ho Ho Ho!"
a grechin tried to shoot them but santa froze him with flick of his finger. They shot over horses, trees, rivers with snow catching in his beard. Then sudenly they stoped, and started desending down and downuntil they landed back home. "Ello every one," said Thor, "We defeated the enemy for good, at least for now any way."

The End?....."


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Axe cop won. He cant lose, he's a cop, with an axe. Thor got killed by a giant snake. Axe cop decapitates everything evil.