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Finally, after more than about 8 months Sea3on comic ( ) goes on. Page 27 of chapter 5 was revealed with the announcment they got a new artist on board. Details can be read on the page itself:
My very good friend who actually helps me a lot if it comes to traditional painting has his own deviantArt account now.
Hedgehog-Chris :iconhedgehog-chris:
He isn't specialized into Sonic or something like that. In normal cases he draws landscapes with oil, acrylics or pastel colours or is portraying other people.
Today, 2013-09-18, is a great day. We can celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic SatAM's first airing!
The story begun back in 1993 when Sonic Boom was aired as first out of 26 episodes. Since then, this short and outside the US relatively unknown series, reached some kind of cult status and is definitively an important part of the history of Sonic.
A little reminder for all you creative heads out there: in 18 days, at 18. September 2013, SatAM will have its 20th "first-aired-anniversary". It's still enough time to create some nice art till that date. So, keep your pencils ready!
Today is, at least for me, a special day:
The great computer game and last big, innovative space simulator Freelancer turns 10 today (4. March 2013)!

Ten years of fights. Ten years of trade. Ten years of exploration.
Ten years and still loved and played. And still, after ten years, no other game like it was made.
A game that shaped my youth, influented my life and way till today and will ever be part of me.
Some people may say the same about books, movies or tv shows, but I am talking about a computer game.

Sea3on, the weekly web comic about a possible season 3 of SatAM, will get animated!
A group of people on FUS discussed about a possibility to do so… and now finally they seem to produce it. To see news about the project, visit their Fazebook site:…

Director at FUS:…
Director at Youtube:…
Director at SaturdayMorningSonic:…
19 years. That is a lot. Even more for a discontinued cartoon series with just 26 episodes that was ignored by SEGA and just remained alive all these years by its faithful fanbase and partly by Archie's Sonic comics.

Today, the 18. September 2012, we celebrate SatAM's 19th first-broadcast-day, or birthday, or anniversary!

Also, don't forget about Ben Hurst and his actions to bring SatAM back on the screens.