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Commission - young Granny Smith at the beach by ZantyARZ
Mature content
Commission - young Granny Smith at the beach :iconzantyarz:ZantyARZ 278 12
Blu Diamond Steven Universe by RaydonXD Blu Diamond Steven Universe :iconraydonxd:RaydonXD 147 18
Calling All Horror Writers
The anthology As Wicked As They Come is currently looking to add some more writers.
Word Count: No limit, but keep in mind this is going into an anthology, so your best change is to keep it around 25k.
Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery-- the focus on this anthology is horror. It's going to be marketed toward people who adore Halloween, who watch horror movies, who read horror novels, so read through your story and consider the market. Does your story make people shiver? Is this creepy, does it have a monster, is there a battle that needs to be fought that'll have the readers afraid to turn the page, while also being unable to put the book down? Excellent.
Submission Deadline: January 25th, 2019
Requirements: Submissions must be fully edited and print ready. Unedited submissions will be
:iconfantasy-fellowship:Fantasy-Fellowship 6 5
Chiyo one chan by JagoDibuja
Mature content
Chiyo one chan :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 710 18
Mei by JagoDibuja
Mature content
Mei :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 815 16
PHASTASMA by JagoDibuja
Mature content
PHASTASMA :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 723 32
MLP - The breast and powerful Trixie by RingTeam MLP - The breast and powerful Trixie :iconringteam:RingTeam 101 4 Bulma Bounce by Jay-Marvel
Mature content
Bulma Bounce :iconjay-marvel:Jay-Marvel 443 20
Boosette by ManiacPaint
Mature content
Boosette :iconmaniacpaint:ManiacPaint 940 10
Bowsette by ManiacPaint
Mature content
Bowsette :iconmaniacpaint:ManiacPaint 827 7
Shanoa by JagoDibuja
Mature content
Shanoa :iconjagodibuja:JagoDibuja 1,241 30
Order Woes by ZwitterKitsune Order Woes :iconzwitterkitsune:ZwitterKitsune 45 9 Sun's Out, Guns Out by Ambris Sun's Out, Guns Out :iconambris:Ambris 885 46 Halloween Commission: Demon Princess by grimphantom Halloween Commission: Demon Princess :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 1,049 65 Halloween Commission: Dhampir Milf by grimphantom Halloween Commission: Dhampir Milf :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 1,303 89 Halloween Succubus Ashi by grimphantom Halloween Succubus Ashi :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 1,277 79


Metal-Max1991's Profile Picture
Max Emmett Clinton
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm also known as Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz...Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andry Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III. Don't hesitate to call.



I consider myself to be a genuinely nice, and friendly guy. If you have a problem I will listen to you and try my best to console you. Once you get to know me you'll probably never find a nicer guy. However...


I can be quite snarky when the situation calls for it. I will not apologize for it at all.


When I was 10 years old my brother introduced me to heavy metal via Metallica's third studio album Master of Puppets. I fell in love right away and have listened to metal ever since. I do occasionally listen to other genres like elctro and a few others but metal is my true musical love. That said however I don't listen to bands like Cannibal Corpse. As much as I indulge in Schadenfrude, the band's lyrics are not my cup of tea.


I enjoy a wide variety of movies and television from Batman and other superheroes to My Little Pony (You heard me right, I enjoy a show of colorful talking horses.) However I am not a hardcore fanboy, more of a casual admirer.


For as long as I can remember I've had an active imagination and seek to use that to make a career as a novelist and graphic novelist.


Well Christian to a fault anyway. I believe and practice a Christian's good philosophies such as show good will towards your fellow man and I believe that God wants us to love who we want to and to be comfortable with what we are. So I don't judge any gays, lesbians, transsexuals or transgendered people. You are who you are and that makes you human and unique.

Anywho, don't be afraid to say hi or be straight with me.

What Disney Villain Are You?
What Disney Villain Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
Hosted By Anime

I'm not insane by any definition; I'm just weird and proud of it.

Current Residence: Auburn,CA
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Classcial, Electronic
Favourite style of art: Japanese Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Luna
Personal Quote: "Life...Hope...Dreams...where do they come from?

And Where are they headed?

All these things I AM GOING TO DESTROY!"
Kefka Palazzo
After what seems like an eternity of stagnation I feel renewed with a brand new idea.

The basic premise is that in a different world, the infamous mad scientist Dr. Moreau was not only real but several of his Beast Men escaped and have been coexisting with humans for the past 140 years.

In the modern day, along the US/Mexico border there exists a place called Moreau Town, a place where Beast Men rule. Mutt Weiler, a Dog Man cop is investigating the disappearance of several Beast Men and is drawn into a much larger investigation that threatens both Beast Men and Human.

I’m super excited about this idea

Journal History


Wow, this is gonna be tough to write in one hundred words, but better get to it. The whole concept of Lucifer actually being a noble he...

by gpfer

Ok, where do I begin, oh yes; the muscles on her body look terrible, just awful. Her right arm tricep looks like a fat persons arm that...

Excellent. This looks like an excellent album cover. This is very eye catching. Excellent posing, lighting, it's just a gorgeous peice....


Trench Raider Jet
Credit to :iconthegraffitisoul:

The Great War was the war to end all wars. A massive scale of human slaughter unheard of. And fighting through the muck and mud of trenches for the Allied Powers was Jet.

His abilities were very useful to the Allied High Command. He acted as sniper, spy and trench sweeper. Through his ability to create four copies of himself, he could harass the German trenches a number of ways. One copy could hide in a phony tree and scout out machine gun and artillery placements and snipe officers. One could disguise itself as a German soldier and gather intel. Another could harass a section of trench with shotgun blasts. Another could sabotage weapons and rations. And the final one could cause psychological terror by disguising itself as officers and killing unsuspecting troops. Or Jet and his copies could clear out trenches in commando raids. He was even more effective during night raids. Allied Command tried sending his copies to other fronts during the war, however the copies derezzed after about 10 miles way from Jet.
Ninja Jet
Credit again to :iconthegraffitisoul:

While historical records are scarce, there exists a legend that infamous samurai/ninja master Hattori “the Demon” Hanzō had a trusted second in command. According to what little records there are, this second in command was known as “The Demon’s Blade.”

According to legend, once Hattori pointed him at a target, the Demon Blade would strike swift and quietly, almost like a shinigami. Other legends claim this ninja also possessed supernatural powers like being able to see in the dark, be in many places at once, control smoke and fog to better conceal himself or escape and shapeshift into animals or other people.

A more infamous story is that of this Demon Blade assassinating Oda Nobunaga not long after his son, Oda Nobukatsu’s failed invasion of the Iga province.

Legend claims the Demon Blade flew into the compound and, in the guise of a spider, fatally poisoned the war lord while he slept.
Jet of the Fedayeen Assassins
Credit once more to :iconthegraffitisoul:

During the 11th century, a time of many Holy Wars thought the Middle East, a group of Ismaili fanatics stalked the shadows, picking off high value Sunni Muslims and Crusaders alike. These were the Assassin’s. Led by a mysterious Old Man in the Mountain, they’d carry out his will without question. Jet has spent time with both branches of this order, carrying out many assassinations including the murder of Conrad of Montferrat.


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