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A Strange Sight

Just a quick color of a quick doodle.
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Lovely:D reminds me of a page out of one on my favorite books as a kid
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Cool fins!!  They really spice up their tails!
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I love this!  It makes you think if they're nice mermaids who are just looking at a ship, or if they're man-eating mermaids planning their next meal =p
Metal-Lark's avatar
We'll never know.....

I don't even know =P could be either way....viewer imagination!
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That's the beauty of art! There's no wrong way to perceive it
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Very nice work! Is that scanned in pencil-work I spy? Nicely done, whether digital or carbon-sketched! I third (is that correct? Lolz) the sentiment, those unique fluke designs are very novel! Definitely going into my favorites!
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Actually it's all pen and ink work, which I then scanned in and colored digitally =)I find very cheap ink pens can pull of some wonderfully light shading ^^
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Continually proving that good art does not need specialty supplies! Nice work.
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I second that - wonderful tail design and overall composition!
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OooOooh, I like the tail designs for those mermaids
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