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So you think you know Fluttershy...

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Yeah I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this one.

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Face in 12th panel is inspired by Dragonsball Peepee
Lil' Brudder is from Strongbad E-mails which is (C) its creators
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homestar: LIL BWUDDR! *cries histarically*
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I couldn't help but read this in Mentally Advanced Fluttershy's voice.
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I read this in Libman's role.
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I take Fluttershy isn't your favorite
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No, she isn't, but I don't dislike her either.  I'm just immune to whatever psychological effect she seems to have on some people, so I'm pretty acutely aware of how overrated she can be.
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It's the stare isn't it, she intimidates us into liking her
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No, actually it's her generally shy and cowardly personality.  It instills an irrational desire in some to coddle her in some, to the point that some even ignore that she could possibly have any negative traits.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this... I mean I like her... but she really is over rated.
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Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Fluttershy; she's a cute character! But at the same time she's just as flawed as any of the other characters, and half the time she gets character traits tacked onto her just because she is Fluttershy, and sometimes it gets so bad that it actually undermines the other characters.
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No I totally understand, like i said I feel the same. She's a sweetheart... but just because she's timid isn't a reason to think she's "Best Pony".
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I know I was just joking
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I always thought it would make for a great episode plot being centered around the idea that Fluttershy takes addictive medication for her anxiety disorder.
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The thing about fluttershy is that she only puts others before herself and always considers everyone else's feelings but thats why she seems like a push over, and if u compare raritys generosity to fluttershy's kidness, rarity sacrifices material possession while fluttershy sacrifices her selfishness and desire to make others happy..... all in all arnt all the elements almost the same
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You see, the problem there is that they all put others before themselves.  Fluttershy's just the only one who gets credit for doing it because she's timid.  Fluttershy really isn't any more likely to do anything nice than the others, and she's not entirely selfless either.  She's had plenty of situations where she was more concerned about herself than others.  She'll go out of her way to help animals, but she's more hesitant when helping other ponies than the other five are.  However, with the way a lot of people think of her, you'd swear she was more generous than Rarity, more loyal than Rainbow Dash, more honest than Applejack, and more friendly than Twilight.  Only Pinkie's Element is really secure.

Generosity isn't about giving up material possessions, it's about giving more of oneself - ranging from possessions, to money, to even one's time - than is strictly necessary.  Generosity and Kindness are, as such, basically synonymous.
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Ending 2 is my favorite. 

It speaks to me on so many levels.
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I loved the homestar reference. Even strong bad is not immune to the feelings that is brought upon by Lil brudder
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wat a piece of shit
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Well that's not very nice.

I mean I admit Fluttershy is kind of overrated but that seems kinda harsh. :(
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shes a shit.....

and ugly
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I always knew Fluttershy was high as a kite.
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I can't wait to see Big Mac's one.
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