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I've seen so many Overwatch/MLP crossovers, and yet all of them disappoint me.  YOU HEAR THAT BRONIES? YOU DISAPPOINT ME! I AM DISAPPOINT!

But don't worry, I forgive you.

Not really.  Go to your room.

Anyway, I'm not super into this game, but I do know a few things so I decided to give my two cents on a good crossover idea, and here we go! Bare in mind I'm working on limited information.

Twilight Sparkle - Symmetra
Both were child prodigies, both can be a bit obsessive compulsive, and both love order.  Doesn't hurt that Symmetra's work often involves the creation of barriers, defensive strategy, and conjuring turrets.  Symmetra also seems the most mage-like of the crew, so I decided this fit best for Twilight.

Rainbow Dash - Soldier 76
I don't know, something about the way Soldier 76 carries himself just seems to fit Dash.  Very tough, brazen, and kind of mercenary.

Applejack - McCree
I imagine you guys didn't need me to make this connection.  He's basically a gunslinger cowboy from an old western film, so I felt 'why not?' Also considered Reinhardt, but decided against it.

Rarity - Widowmaker
Graceful, precise, deadly, Widowmaker is almost like what you get when you combine the Sniper and the Spy from Team Fortress 2 into one character.  She just has that air of deadliness fitting for her theme of spiders, and I felt that fit Rarity just right.

Pinkie Pie - D.Va
Giant pink mech and the ability to make it explode? I don't know, this just seemed right for Pinkie Pie for some reason, though I admit I say this partially out of a lack of a better idea.

Fluttershy - Bastion
Bronies have told me I should focus more on Fluttershy's kindness in the crossovers, and I decided this time I'll give them what they want - Fluttershy as the single most peaceful character in Overwatch (incidentally, it isn't the healer).  Actually very proud of how Flutterbastion turned out!

There ya go!

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
Overwatch (C) Blizzard
MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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I really don't understand why people haven't talked about how ADORABLE Fluttershy as Bastion is. I love that the most, out of the others in this pic.
That being said, this is overall an amazing work
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I always think Pinkie Pie is better suit for Tracer,
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Not me, but then again I like Pinkie while I find Tracer generally kind of annoying.
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They both can teleport and are both VERY unpredictable. Seems like a perfect match
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Pinkie doesn't teleport, Pinkie is just weird and gets around really fast as a rule of funny.  As for predictability, Tracer is much more predictable than Pinkie - indeed if it weren't for her time powers you wouldn't be able to call her unpredictable.
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Well who do YOU think is fit to bet Tracer
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Wow...... EXTREMELY ironic, because............... That's who I think is fit to be D.Va!
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I don't know.  If any of the Crusaders was D.Va, I'd think it'd be Sweetie Belle.
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Poor Dash. She's going to be so busy healing everyone. Do these pones have no regard for team composition? What is this, Quickplay? xD
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 pinkie should be the crazy explosions guy
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Oh I agree.  I did some switching around of classes later.
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Junkrat! that's It [I don't play, more of a CoD fan]
Metal-Kitty's avatar
Don't care for CoD.  Love CoD Zombies tho.  Considered doing a crossover of that.
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Fan Character Flufflle Puff should be McCree because the BAMF on his belt could be replaced by POMF.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
Normally, I'd say that's too silly.

But that's exactly why I love it.

Still, official characters take priority (sadly).
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Pinkie + Mech = Oh my Luna, we're boned.
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Bulk biceps as Road Hog.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
No, too muscular and fit compared to Roadhog's chubbier nature.
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What about a changling as sombra?
Metal-Kitty's avatar
Ehh, maybe? I don't know, seems to me that'd be more Trixie's thing.
MercenaryX's avatar
True that, what about anna? Celestia?
Metal-Kitty's avatar
Anna? Personally, I'm thinking Zecora, admittedly in part because of the Junkenstein's Revenge thing making her the Alchemist.
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