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My Little Fortress 2 - Part Tres



Okay folks...

So, I got bored and was looking at TF2 stuff and maps again, and it all started cause I thought 'Hey, the Iron Curtain looks like tech they'd use in Equestria (most of their machines seem to be at least partially wooden, even if they act more high tech than that) Soo yeah. That then became a quest of making my own weapon ideas. Then it evolved back into 'who would be what' because... well... I had to fit the weapons with the users' personalities.

Then it struck me - Medieval Mode. Using some of the alternate names for classes from that, as well as some clever ideas on my end, I came to this. While reasons for most of the characters are much the same, here's a few things I added in...

- I wanted to give Fluttershy a sniper rifle called 'The Stare' and dress her in her Dangerous Mission outfit - with Angel dressed as the actual Sniper (I figured her Melee weapon would be Discord)
- Once more, Iron Curtain as a partially wooden weapon made for a good idea, so I gave Big Mac a similar minigun.
- I wanted to change some appearances - Rarity particularly. A mask does not suit her.
- I found out Pinkie's voice actress has a degree in Engineering. Now she REALLY breaks the forth wall!
- I wanted to give Rainbow Dash a Wonderbolts inspired outfit
- Muffin Launcher for Derpy. 'Nuff said.
- I tried to give each of them unique weapons and slightly altered designs, tho some of it sticks out more than others (especially Dash's bat. I got lazy and uninspired by that... shoulda worked with scattergun.)

Also, changed things up by making Applejack a Demomare, being the most physical class when wearing Demoknight gear. Also, apple cider drunk.

For those unknowing, in Medieval Mode, if the chat changes aint disabled, classes maybe called other things. This is not a complete list, just a list of factors that aided in this stuff.

MEDIC - Wizard, Apothacary
SNIPER - Ranger, Beast Master, Woodsman
SPY - Cutpurse, Blackguard
SCOUT - Runner, Advance Guard
DEMOMAN - Paladin, Blades for Hire
ENGINEER - Smith, Smithy, Metal Worker

Thats all for now! I'm actually considering designing weapon set ideas for this particular lineup! Tell me what ya think? :D

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
TF2 (C) Valve
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Twi-Sniper and FlutterMedic have never made sense to me. Sniper in canon is a very reclusive, quiet individual and likes to get the job done quickly. A taunt Spy would use when he kills Sniper is "YOU LIVE IN A VAN." He is very much like Fluttershy, who lives in a cottage out of town and avoids interacting with people as much as possible (although she had gotten better over the seasons). If she ever had to fight she would want to cause as less harm as possible. And, as a Sniper, a bullet to the head usually means the person barely feels anything before they die almost instantly. 
Medic, on the other hand, is obsessed with studying and researching, just like Twilight, cuts open people with insane delight (which is the least likely Fluttershy-thing to do), experiments on his teammates and makes all sorts of incredible machines that turns people invincible or deflects bullets. In Sound of Medicine, he stood on the front lines without hesitation and shielded everyone from the robot attacks with untested equipment, which is something Twilight is most likely to do with her magic. Like Medic, she can turn the tide of a battle easily. 

I also really like Engie-Pie and Demo-Jack. They fit in their roles perfectly. 

I've seen tons of criticism from people on your work but you've been the only TF2 MLP crossover artist I really like and it is very easy to understand why you picked those ponies for your lineup. I just wish the rest of the fandom could see the same. 

I have no idea why I wrote all this on something I faved long ago. I guess I just wanna say you have my support in those choices and I think they make the most sense.