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MLP Project Page 01

Page 01 of the project!

Truth be told, I have NO idea why I started doing these comics. It was almost an impulse. One that lasted the whole ten minutes each for the pages I doodled up. XD (until I started doing more work later on...)

... It gets better [artistically (sort of)] I promise.


Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
MLP (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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Happy to have followed this comic despite it was not so well drawn at the beginning ! And happy to see that it still lasts.
CatsCat112's avatar
They are re drawing everything again! The art has improves so much its amazing!
Saddust's avatar
Yes, I noticed the improvements !
Like Sombra, Chrisily, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, & a few others... Anymore ya CONVIENTLY forgot Princess Celstia!?
Dracknoor's avatar
Just found this comic and I am interested
77madman's avatar
Ah, a new comic to read and enjoy, to love and to cherish, to respect and torment.....Celestia looks like a duck and i love it.
Scary Bakura lick 
legendario13's avatar
This is just such a trip, wow. Really, I knew I had suscribed to you for something and boy, is it entrilling
arne95's avatar
One and a half year with out Internet. i better start rereading it, so i will understand the parts that i mist.

Holy shit, one and a half year without internet?! How did you survive this long?

Minecraftgunner's avatar
damn im rereading this and damn i forgot this came out in 2012
Streiben's avatar
Found this comic when i googled for some ponystuff.

Now i'm here and have this awesome comic with over 200 pages (?) in front of me.

NSwerewolf1488's avatar
kiba131's avatar
Will you one day,remake them with your current drawing qualities and colors?

i didnt even remember that it was all white before
Zaldero's avatar
Why would he need to? This was his original work, it probably means a lot to him... I honestly think it is great to see how much he has improved, it's inspiring.
Scarred-Animal's avatar
Looks interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it.
fusionguybrony's avatar
This is by far the longest trilogy on DA.
TheChicaGirl's avatar
Oh man this comic great
StuffedCrustLord's avatar
I gotta ask. If it's okay with you, I'd like to color these old pages for you. I'll give you 100% of the credit and I'll make sure to let you know when they're done.
frozenninjaturtle's avatar
YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigAFVFanatic's avatar
When is this incredible comic going to end?
IvaBear's avatar
1228248's avatar
of corse she has made several enemies; discord, queen of the changlings, king sombra, lord tirek, and probley more that I don't know about.
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