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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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Jesus can nothing kill Twilight?
15firekid's avatar
This is going to be bad!
EngineGear's avatar
Why do I get the feeling that kick broke more than Twilight's ribs and close to her spine?
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
Well my ribs were already broken to begin with soooo.
Krashface's avatar
oh no, the old mummy is back again ! D:
Son0fgrim's avatar
MULKTI STAge bossfight!pwn(m*!w#*xwhxljcgbxt*&o*&o*&o*&o*&ogxwogyIUXGONACGEMSLFUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHD

Grim.exe has crashed
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holy crap!! dang harvest. just fall already X(
Ashleybances's avatar
when everything goes down hill
bruiser128's avatar
TAIGA1X's avatar
Yus, for once the elements of harmony isn't the Deus Ex of every encounter~


I like bad endings :P
Dragondash98's avatar
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
What? But ... you don't wish for the EoH to fail and for Harvest Moon to prevail, don't you?

Bad endings? Well, they're just ... bad and sad. Also, there's no cookie. :-(
Outcast-redeemer's avatar
I think he meant for a major character to die in the effort to save the day. Me I'm shooting for a Big Mac death... the kind of death that is more emotional and full of symbolism... and that comes out of nowhere and B##ch slaps you in the face with how quick and brutal it was.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Hmm ... plausible, indeed.
TAIGA1X's avatar
Heh, I like your idea there, redeemer.

And yeah, to be honest.... maybe it'll be just what he wanted in the first place, no more wars and ponies proclaiming themselves above other because of what power they were just born with. I'd be a twist that would just... rock my world. Never see it anywhere, which makes me sad, by ironically not making me sad. XD

Or at least Twilight get's what's comin... But regardless, if its just another 'woo, the elements save the day again' thing i'm gonna cri. 
He's a walking corpse.
rinalin321's avatar
ok BUCK THIS 4th wall break in reverse Malice jumps down out of the sky and fills this whatever he turned into full of holes mini's spinning at top speed 
for real tho i love this story 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Damn. I got a severe case of reader's blue-balls.
Gotta wait again. :-(
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
Take your time? Rookie mistake dude.
CrimsonFangX666's avatar
I like where this is going so far, not because Twilight's losing at the moment, because KARMA IS A BITCH. Harvest doesn't seem to realize that by hurting Twilight, he's dooming himself to a fate worse than death. Oh, also... I don't think Red Eclipse is going to work the way he expected. As in "It'll absorb magic, alright... just.. only yours. Sorry. As they say... Karma's a bitch."
sigel4ever's avatar
but you didn't look exaclty good, pal

amd the question is: where al the magic trapped did go?
Drakenhof's avatar
I think it just exploded
sigel4ever's avatar
and the idea of red harvest ends (after all, all the ponies have magic, for logic, all dies, not only unicorns and pegasus)
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