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Sorry for the delay on this one!


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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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NightDweller-99Hobbyist Writer
Believe it or not, this comic was one the things that got me into MLP.  I cant believe I've been following this since the end of season 3.
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AAAAnd so here it stops again...XD
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Oi, buckwheat! D'ya know where ya can shove that surreder stoof?
Metal-Kitty's avatar
That's not Buckshot.  That's Harvest. :O
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
I think "buckwheat" was some kind of deprecative name uttered for persons we don't like.
I underscore "think". Because it was some long time ago.
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I know, mate. :-)
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I never doubted you would update this story. And that is the truth.
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what I want to know is why he keeps saying give up and live? hes threatening to kill everyone. he win everyone dies. so I what universe would not fighting be a better option? even if the chance of survival is something like 0.000000001% that more the 0% chance giving up hands you.
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Exceptionally deep holes like caves and such have the potential to escape and avoid the Red Eclipse.  Places that sunlight would be hard pressed to reach.  Granted the spell can reach a bit further than that (enough that any house not sufficiently built to be able to conceal a pony) so it'd have to be pretty much a deep, dark dungeon.
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Or a very secure stable from Stable-Tec.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
One of the ones that wasn't some sort of sick twisted social experiment -- at least not the ones designed to fail intentionally.
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Wow, from afar, he looks like Hidden Phantom Seraph Mode (Armed Phenomenom) from Megaman Zero
Metal-Kitty's avatar
That one actually doesn't bother me.  Then again, Megaman Zero was one of my favorite series - second only to Megaman Legends.
OMEGAZX1234's avatar
I didn't say that to bother you. I said that because Hidden Phantom is one of my favourite characters of the series. Imagine the Mane 6 fighting against someone like him, and then he transfroms into that form. I'll say, the Mane 6 wouldn't have a chance.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
I disagree.  They may not be stronger, but they tend to beat any foe thrown their way.
OMEGAZX1234's avatar
And they also tell they're plans to the Mane 6, before even perform it.

At least Starlight Glimmer was decent. Because she was always one step ahead of Twilight, and she had her own beliefs and dreams.

Hidden Phantom acts in the shadows, keeping his enemies in total ignorance. But he also has honor and loyalty to his superior, and he has a very deep faith.
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The Mane 6 never faced somepony or somebody who would die for his cause; for what he truly believes.
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Yeah, because the villains they faced, had a superiority complex and they always underestimate they're opponents.

Nightmare Moon: However Luna was possessed by Nightmare, she was impulsed by her childish whim of her night been appretiated.

Discord: He was more naughty than evil, and his vision of chaos was very infant.

Queen Chrysalis: As Changeling Ruler, is her duty to protect and save her subjects, even if that means being the bad guy to do so. But she still underestimated them.

King Sombra: He wanted vengenance against the Crystal Empire because the ponies reject him since he was a colt for being different, and the former ruler (Princess Amore) always knew about his origin and she didn't tell him when she had a chance.

Lord Tirek: His obsession with equestrian magic and his superiority complex made him underestimate his foes.
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uncommentatorHobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah this exists
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
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KyuzaiStudent Artist
"This is about saving the world you despise." No shit, Twilight.
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Well, sometimes, supervillains need a basic explanation about why the heroes just won't yield.
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
was... very long time, pal!
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Welcome back, Can't wait to see how the story ends
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