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MLP Project 437

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Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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The-Cheeze-Ity's avatar
Someone offer their OC.
Masterbuscus's avatar
So many mortified expressions. And big mac feeling a little akward was funny. 😄
DakotaandKota's avatar
i bet its gonna be big mac....
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
Which is why I think that he's looking so nervous.

Because when Applejack finds out that HE plans on being the one to give his life to defear Red Eclipse, rather than Twilight.........

Ohhhhhh, boy.  Let's just say that Tartarus won't be half a mile down the road.
Yukino-Kurai's avatar
Hell yes! The big, dramatic reveal of angsty proportions! CAN'T. WAIT. 
kahas's avatar
I'm not sure I understand.
Starflare didn't just put the Red Eclipse spell down before submitting to Twilight's spell ?

Those pages were quite confusing.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
Nope.  He was casting a spell of his own.
TheUnacknowledged's avatar
Something tells me that Big Mac is going to sneak away and save the day.
kokenybence's avatar
I think it's gonna be RD or Fluttershy (im not a hater )
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
No, it's Big Mac.  Hence his reaction to Applejack's question, "We figured he was ready to die, but... who actually PLANS on it!?"
Beraxus's avatar
what i think is kind of funny is the fact that Rarity's mane is still in perfect condition even though she can have a fit and mess it all up.  Did she use some sort of special product or something?
Metal-Kitty's avatar
This is Rarity you're talking about here. :/
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
Exactly.  She could go through something like Hurricane Katrina, and come out of it with nary a mane or tail-hair out of place.
Metal-Kitty's avatar
No, I'm thinking 'if it was messed up, she'd have it presentable within seconds'.
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
Oh, okay.

Well, knowing Rarity, either one works.;)
Beraxus's avatar
   well i mean she is not carrying the travel bag so i did not know where she got the brush or whatever from.
Freddy is .... Twerking? (Chat Icon)WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon)Chica's Happy Dance (Chat Icon)Freddy's Nope Chat Icon 
WhitewolfStormrunner's avatar
Hmmmmm, that's a very good point.
MesuYoru's avatar
Don't worry Twilight - Applejack kill you first.
fuzzyLAMB's avatar
I hate cliffs hangers!!!!
AnonymousArtist17's avatar
Now they say it this probly would of helped them all about what? 30mins ago (Befor the battle huh but who cares awesome battle scene is awesome)

ps. Sweet comic
StuffedCrustLord's avatar
Who's it gonna be? Take'n all bets!
sigel4ever's avatar
aaaand the revelations is here...
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