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If these two ponies were working against Harvest, why were they helping him in the first place?
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They were working for Buckshot, not Harvest.
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Ohhh, thanks for the reminder.
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He just had to move out of the way.
I'm sure this is allready a trope, and not an intentional reference, but) this reminds me of flash stepping from bleach
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That pony looks like a member of akatsuki and his cutie mark looks like a sharingan, is this a mlp x naruto crossover?
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Depends, are you aware that red circle backgrounds are not limited to Naruto?
How about how dark cloaks are a trope as old as dirt?

Expand your mind; anime is not the only thing in the world, and tricking yourself into believing it is will make you say silly things like this.
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but what about the sharingan and the kunai? it looks like a naruto reference
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Because nobody has ever used a kunai before Naruto.
No, Naruto did that first.

That's not a Sharigan.  That's a circular red pattern with a flower-bud.
I'm afraid Naruto was also not the first to use red circles, nor will it be the last.
If I was going to make a reference like that, I would not emblazen it on the biggest characters.
It would be a passing joke at best.
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Why don't you accept you put an anime reference? Even if it wasn't intentional, you did it
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Because you can't put in an anime reference unintentionally.
A reference is an act you do on purpose, something you are aware of.

Secondly, if I put in an anime reference, then people have been referencing Naruto since decades, maybe even centuries before its creation.

Be educated, pleb.…

As for the red circle, that one is quite difficult; it's such a common trope it's not even a trope.
You literally took a shape and deemed it a reference just because something was in it.
I don't even know how to accommodate such ridiculousness.
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you didn't think that people could think this was an anime reference, did  you? 
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I really, truly don't know anymore.
Seems everything I make someone equates with an anime.
Not even creative referencing; always Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist.
Not even the more creative parts; always the most obvious stuff you'd know from seeing commercials of the shows on TV.

Worse yet, the greatest reference claims by others is always *ALWAYS* common tropes.  Black Cloak of Doom, Half-Human Hybrid (in pony form), Powered by a Forsaken Child...

I make no claim that there aren't similarities.  I know better.
What gets me is so many people seem to be deprived of a greater understanding of these tropes.

Case and point; Someone thought I was referencing Naruto because a character was wearing combat fatigues.  COMBAT FATIGUES.  At that point, I wept for the most recent generations.
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that's a pretty cool cape. I wonder if Rarity made…
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Cheapest trick ever.
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i really want this desgraciado dead soon!
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well shit..... she's screwed
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