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MLP Project 325

... And Darkness is reborn.


Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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Every time I see an OP villain like this i heard "Burn in Despair" (Undertale OST) in my head
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I am not saying this reminded me of Madara, but when I read the text, I imagined Harvest having Madara's voice. I couldn't help it.
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Me: why dose he look like sombra
Discord: I dont know
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he could be about.... 20% more cooler
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I half hoping harvest to go through a magical girl transformation in this scene
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Well,since reached that point!
Hail Harvest, our new king!
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So . . . you got younger or something?
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Me:……(slowly raises hand only for Twilight to lower it with her hoof)
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:icondirtyharryplz:Careful what you wish for, punk.
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You wanna fight? I got an entire group of ponies that'll take you on!!

The whole idea of the crown reminds me of Cave Story. Some of you may remember that...
If not, then Happy Unbirthday and you're welcome for the amazing 8-bit that ensues. Everything you need to know about Cave Story
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....Sombra who?
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now he looks much better than that oldy pony he was.
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Oh my goad! Harvest has souls for a mane! It's so freakin evil!Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 
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where are the elements of harmony when you need them?
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