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Fo4 Ponies - Twilight Sparkle



More Fallout ponies - Fallout 4 themed, of course!

(I apologize, but I came up with this idea, had to draw it, etc.  I want to do some for all of them. x3)

An advocate of higher learning and using knowledge as a means of self-improvement, Twilight Sparkle is a very bright mind versed in medicine, chemistry, and various other intellectual pursuits.  While she isn't much of a fighter and more than a little on the awkward side, Twilight uses a keen intellect as a means to compensate for her frailty and social awkwardness, using high tech mods, power armor, and chems to give her an edge over otherwise unenlightened and barbaric foes.  When it comes to factions, Twilight typically favors enlightened or otherwise educated groups (Brotherhood, Institute) and she's not overly picky about the friends she makes or the company she keeps, as long as they aren't offput by her intelligence.

Perks of Interest:
Medic, Hacker, Science!, Chemist, Nuclear Physicist, Nerd Rage!, Armorer, Chem Resistant

Yeah, tell me if you guys want to see the others. :D

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Fallout 4 (C) Bethesda
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Shouldn't Twilight be an Alicorn instead of Unicorn?