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Archmage Twilight Teaser?

I'm honestly considering, on the eventualy completion of MLP Project, to do a sort of on-going series based on an alternate take to events in MLP in which Twilight becomes something of an Archmage insead of a princess (on the eventual completion of the MLP Project -- taking my time on this one, wanting to be sure I finish it just right).  The story would basically deepen her studies of magic (both friendship and otherwise) as well as looking at her friends' lives changing as well, perhaps with little twists.

The entire story would have a diverged path of things, in which events transpire differently, key elements are altered, and I even intend to add new things into it.  The concept entertains me, and I'm honestly considering getting into it once I finish what's already on my plate, though this new project would be fairly relaxed in comparison (after all, I would like to get involve in the production of more profitable ventures).

Not sure if I would rather make it an ask blog or just a random story comic.  Maybe both.

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MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
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I am pleased to see this. I think Celestia is too.…
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What's that Celestia?
No! I couldn't... I couldn't.... kill them all...
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If you need any help just ask us we're here for you😊
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Awesome i cant wait see more of it. Don't listen to the comments on your last page where you stopped in mlp project its scary 😨
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Very interesting! Can't wait to see more. :)
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Ooh, new comic :O

Interesting look at an alternate universe.  Whereas the MLP Project seems to take a look at events that occurred pre-Twilicorn and seems intended to steer right back into the show canon, I'd imagine this will leave you with a lot more opportunities to segue into your own alternate storyline, since judging from that description you're branching off into a completely separate canon from where the show leaves off.  The MLP Project showed you definitely have a knack for interesting writing and unexpected twists, so I'm very interested to see where this one is going.

Neat lighting in this too, it really accents how adorable Twilight's yawn is in that last panel :3
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To be fair, I started the MLP Project before Twilicorn and just took my sweet old time in finishing it. XD

But yes, I have a lot of neat ideas, to the point that some events happen differently -- things I felt the show did that they either did wrong or didn't need to do at all (like the magical friendship table... I cannot understand why they even did that...)
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is it a complete new story or anything relate to MLP project?
I really hope you will finish MLP project in someday, so you and us can focus on your new comic.
you are one of my favorites MLP artist on my list, keep up the good work! 
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Completely new, and I do intend to finish MLP Project, I just haven't been able to stir the motivation I need to finish it right.  I want the ending to go *just* right.
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I hear you and please take as long as you want. A good ending is worth any wait. :)
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I really admire how you managed to find ripple effects in this Point of Divergeance, where others have missed and even dismissed them thinking them in saying nothing will change. 

Really wish you would give Starlight Glimmer more fleshing out in her wishes and goals when still ruling her cult and NOT put the mane six in the moral high ground. 
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I probably would - everything is still sort of forming in my brain. :3
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Glad that is the case, since I have grown kind of tired of the
shows reluctance to complex issues, with the most recent
episode being an example.
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For me it's not the lack of complex issues - rather, the show seems to have strayed from how it started off.  The characters just seem to be completely downplayed anymore, their quirks dulled, and their personalities weakened.  It's barely the same show anymore.
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Well that is what happens when a show goes on for to long.

Although I think that stems from how they have grown used
to writing the characters
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I really don't think it has anything to do with how long the show has gone on.  The characters didn't grow stale, their personalities were dulled.  The show could easily have continued on for much longer with just as much success if the writers had kept things fluid, kept things energetic, but after Season 3 the writing started to lose its spirit, becoming more typical of a little girl's show, becoming more like the kind of stuff it had previously made a point of avoiding.
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Yeah especially when you compare it to things like Stevens Universe
or One Piece.
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Steven Universe is still relatively new, and Anime tends to avoid these pitfalls.

But yeah, the show could still be awesome if the writers had a bit more love for it.  Many episodes have great premises with lots of promise, then end up falling short like the writers just wanted to phone it in.
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can't wait for more.
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I'm glad that you are starting a new original idea! 
Have you eve thought of doing your own webcomic?
Did Big Mac dead?
Does Bruno Mars is Gay? The world may never know.
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did the dark crown after this 
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